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8 Things I Can’t Wait to Reopen in London

7th April 2021

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One way we’re here for you during your time with us is by providing supportive Mentors who know what it’s like to be at BIMM. Like all our Mentors, Fifi Robo is here to offer a friendly face and help you as you transition into BIMM life. Here, she tells us eight places she can’t wait to go to in London, once we’re able to. 

While writing this blog, looking outside of my window and admiring this sunny day, I can’t help but miss the beautiful places in London that used to put the energy into my days.

The world has been a little grey this past year, and I think most of you would agree that days filled with confusion have been constantly haunting us. However, the cloudy days are nearly over. We can make plans for the future and look forward to the brighter days that are ahead of us.

London has always been the home of the coolest places and I can’t wait to share the splendid spots that I’m heading straight to when the world is open again. Hopefully, you will also add them to your “fun trips” list for when you need some fresh adventures!

1) Sky Garden

In the busy city of London, with many viewpoints and tourist attractions, there is rarely a free entry to such a monumental spot as the Sky Garden. If you want to see incredible views at the top of London’s skyline, while enjoying a drink as the sun is setting, the Sky Garden is the place to go!

The Sky Garden has a modern aesthetic, with a wide interior allowing you to view the city from above through its high glass windows and watch over the people below as they go about their days. As well as the Sky Garden being free to enter, it also has a beautiful restaurant if you want to have a bite to eat or treat yourself to some fresh food while sat over the jungle of tropical plants and unique architecture. However, make sure to book!

Nearest tube: Monument.

2) Japan Centre

I love this place! Wow, the Japan Centre is somewhere I’m really excited to visit again soon. This centre is in the middle of the city where the life and the soul of London usually is. This place is a great place to try new Japanese food, have drinks in the café and soak up the Japanese culture London has to offer.

I personally love seeing what they have to sell in their market shop while grabbing a drink and watching the world go by. It’s always delightful to treat yourself to something a little different to the usual Sainsbury’s now and then!

Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus.

3) Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

While creatives and musicians miss the entertainment industry and the city of London craves the streets to be full of fun again, Ronnie Scott’s will be one of the most exciting places to reopen. It’s going to be perfect if you are patiently waiting for glorious live music amongst friends in an old-school Soho bar like Ronnie’s.

This Jazz bar has been a prime location for many music lovers since 1959, only growing more popular as years have gone on. You have to pay an entry fee to enter Ronnie’s, depending on which day you go. However, you will not regret the joy that a night at Ronnie’s creates as you watch the music bring the crowd together.

Nearest tube: Leicester Square.

4) Brick Lane

As soon as you step onto Brick Lane, I find it’s like going back in time. In the centre of Shoreditch, Brick Lane brings vintage vibes to the whole road. There are so many vintage clothing shops that have some of the most extravagant, energetic clothes for everyone to try!

Even if it’s a bit of window shopping you’re doing, I still personally love a trip to Brick Lane while grabbing a coffee, gazing at the many wonderful shop wardrobes and maybe even popping to Spitalfields market, which is just around the corner!

Nearest tube: Aldgate East.

Photo Credit: Londonist.com

5) Greenwich boat trip

Greenwich really does have some of the best views in London. Not only do you have the incredible Greenwich Park with a wide range of views, park walks and coffee shops, but you also have the dainty town of Greenwich itself, which is the home to the Cutty Sark, old school London pubs and local markets.

Greenwich is a glorious trip if you want a little town that maybe doesn’t feel like London while being still so close and part of London’s most popular attractions. I personally enjoy getting the boat to Greenwich, because you can tap onto the “Thames Clipper” with your Oyster Card as you would the tube. It’s a quick journey and a beautiful experience while peacefully bobbing along on the water and taking different transport that allows you to be up close and personal with the incredible views that the city holds.

Nearest boat points: You can get on at many spots along the river, ranging from Putney all the way to Woolwich. However, for a reasonable journey price and time, I recommend getting on the boat at Embankment and going from the city centre.

Photo Credit: Visit Greenwich

6) Elba’s Rooftop Cinema

As well as missing cinemas – sitting back to your favourite film, switching the mind off and enjoying time out from a busy day – I also really miss the rooftop cinemas London offers. In summer, while the sun is on our backs and the nights become lighter and lighter, there is nothing better than sitting on a rooftop with a fabulous film, surrounded by like-minded people. That’s why I’m counting down the days until Elba’s Rooftop Cinema is open, so I can eat some popcorn, chill out and do it all in the city air of London.

Nearest tube: Waterloo.

7) Juju’s Bar and Stage

If you are craving a cool bar to go with your friends, while sipping on a cocktail and passively enjoying a live, lofi DJ set, Juju’s is the place to go! This place is full of character and welcomes everyone from the city. It’s easy to get to, quirky and jam-packed with an atmosphere that can only make your day better.

Nearest tube: Liverpool Street.

Photo Credit: London on the Inside

8) Hollyhock Café

When I found this little café, nestled in the trees of Richmond Park, I genuinely thought I’d found a little fairy café! This café has to be one of my favourite places in London. It has some of the best coffee, vegetarian fair-trade food and views of the Thames, as well as a unique style with its outdoor decor and indoor cosy setting.

I suppose with Richmond being on the very end of the District Line and nearly on the outskirts of London, this place feels like it’s in a world of its own; a sweet escape when you need to find somewhere new. However, for me, it is Hollyhock that makes it so elegant and precious.

Nearest tube: Richmond.

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