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5 Self-Care Tips to Help During Lockdown

28th April 2020


After a month of everything rapidly changing, things are slowing down in our homes. One month of quarantine has brought with it some tough times. But now, it’s becoming clearer what to do to stay healthy mentally and physically. As there are more days of self-isolation ahead, I want to share five self-care tips that have been helpful for me. 


Trying to stay calm during this time is not easy. However, reflecting and making sure we’re not in an emotional spiral that can lead to a harmful mindset is important. There is so much uncertainty for the future that it is difficult to plan out how things are going to go. But as those thoughts can consume us, I’m trying to focus on the present and take each day with purpose and intention.


While we’re at home, we might feel like we have more time on  our hands. This thought led me to a rushed plan of being as productive as possible. If you’re like me, it’s good to remember that this crisis does not demand you to do all the things that you have wanted to do in your life just because there’s more time – it’s not a productivity race. However, it does open the opportunity to be aware of how you use your time to spend it on what genuinely brings you joy and fulfilment. 

Having a routine has helped me to stay motivated. I try to start my day with a morning ritual that gets me excited to get out of bed. I often read, listen to music, have a nice breakfast and exercise. I am not a big workout fan but something that helps me to keep moving is doing dance classes or tutorials on YouTube. A great thing about having a routine is that once you get used to it, you can change it up to keep it interesting!


Being in touch with people is very important right now. It might help to lift your spirits and others’, especially of those that live alone. Some ideas are Netflix Parties, online games like UNO or a group call adding a Kahoot quiz with friends. The BIMM student community is creating interesting activities like breakfast clubs and live streams too. Taking part in such initiatives can help you feel a sense of community.


Improve your space so it supports you. Try to remove whatever has a negative impact. Using digital devices all day can have a major influence on your mood. Find some time to disconnect. You can try baking, painting, playing music, reading, going outside for a walk or meditating. Another tip is to limit the amount of exposure to news about the pandemic. Too much information might be overwhelming and increase anxiety. 


Learning something new or embracing creativity can give us energy and motivation. Find time to be creative to learn something you’re curious about. I recommend Skillshare’s free 2-month trial to check out their online courses. 

I hope these tips and thoughts are as useful for some of you as they are for me. We will get through this together and there’s no better way than sharing experiences and staying connected.

It’s important to remember that you’re never alone in these times. If you need support or advice during this lockdown – or you just want someone to talk to – our friendly and experienced Student Support Team is here to help. You can reach out via your college’s dedicated Student Support email or send us a DM across our social channels.

Author: BIMM Berlin Music Business Student, Nicole Deckers



Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.