Why I Chose BIMM

Why I Chose BIMM – Noa Enderli

13th April 2017

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Passion is – and has always been – my driver and motivation. So, being a passionate musician and a music lover, I naturally looked into working in the music industry. However, when I started thinking about it I came to the conclusion that I did not want to work as a performer or a music teacher. That is when my perspective changed and I began looking more broadly into what the music sphere had to offer. I stumbled across the Music Journalism BA whilst browsing BIMM’s website on a quest to find a course which would ignite my passion. It combined everything I love : music, writing, media, creativity, communication, and networking. It sounded like an adventure (and it has been one so far!)


The fact that the course was launched on the London campus this year and with the capital being a huge musical hub in Europe, my desire to start a journey into music journalism was sparked. The diversity and the vibrancy of the music scene in London is perfect to engage with a lot of different styles, artists, and environments which allows me to develop a wide set of skills. It is also a great place to meet ambitious, like-minded people and to form relationships that I know will be valuable in the future.

In just five months of studying at BIMM London, I have had the privilege of interviewing different people such as Ed O’Brien from Radiohead and Aaron James Williams, who is currently playing with Craig David. I am also being sent by BIMM to be part of the press team at Sound City Festival in Liverpool later this year. It has been a journey of many opportunities as well as learning from experienced key players in the industry.

This course is a launchpad to becoming an experienced and skilled music journalist by offering as much theory as practice to its students. I believe the new generation of music journalists can be part of pioneering something new in journalism globally. We can learn to be creative in the use of new platforms of communication to impact our world with each song we hear and each word we write, and you could also be part of shaping the music world!


Noa Enderli