Why I Chose BIMM

Why I Chose BIMM – Karim

27th April 2017

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Can you introduce yourself?
I am Karim, a singer and songwriter born in Prato, a small city near Florence in Italy. I write songs about what hits me in my everyday life; whether they’re huge or small things, as soon as I recognise them I try to trap them in a song.

How did you get started?
I got started with producing tracks on DAWs and trying to make them work with my voice. As time went on, I also tried to improve auto-training my piano skills, to the point where I am now happy and able to play acoustic gigs just with a keyboard.

Why did you choose BIMM London?
For the opportunities to meet new people that make music and to be surrounded by music in a city that loves music.

Is there any advice you would give to future BIMM students?
Yes! I try to always work the hardest in school, without sacrificing the personal time that I give to music. After all, a degree is very important but what you’re able to do is worth even more.


Sarah-Louise Burns

After studying Ba(Hons) Photography, Sarah has worked in Social Media Marketing since 2013 - she's now part of the BIMM Social Media Team, and is photographer for the Who, What, Why series.