Why I Chose BIMM

Why I Chose BIMM: Caitlin Buller

3rd January 2018

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Introduce yourself…

My name’s Caitlin, and I’m a third year Music Industry Management (MIM) student at BIMM Bristol.

How did you get started?

Music has always been a constant source of joy, relaxation and frustration in my house growing up. Whether it was my sister blasting Green Day through my bedroom walls, hearing to my dad attempt to sing along to Coldplay in the kitchen, or me imagining myself as the next Avril Lavigne listening to her album through my Walkman (she was just so misunderstood), it was always there in one form or another. I’d always been involved with music at school too, and have played the Cello since the age of five, but I never really felt good or comfortable enough to make it into any kind of career. But after hearing of a friend doing a music business course elsewhere, I realised that this would be perfect for me: I’d be in the industry, but not up on stage or in the spotlight. I’d get to help others achieve their dreams in music, and that sounded pretty fun to me!

Why did you choose BIMM Bristol?

Originally a music course wasn’t my post-high-school-plan (shock, horror!), and I intended to study Archaeology at the University of Bristol. I’d looked round the city and fallen totally in love with the feeling of the place, and I felt really comfortable. I also looked round the university with my dad who himself studied here around forty years ago, so it was pretty special to share that with him. When I changed my mind about what I wanted to study (which is really ok to do!), I knew I had to stay in Bristol if I could. Therefore, BIMM Bristol was the obvious choice.

What has been your highlight so far at BIMM?

Over the past two years I’ve had so much fun studying at BIMM. There haven’t been many low points, which I know is fortunate and doesn’t necessarily paint the most realistic picture. Studying can be hard, essays and exams are stressful – but you can’t let that overshadow what could be a really positive experience. My highlight is the people I’ve met, the amazing tutors I’ve bonded with, and the classmates who have become best friends. Third year MIMs at BIMM Bristol get a lot of kind comments from others about how close we are, and it’s something I’m really proud of. Classmates are there to help you, to work with you and also push you, but mine especially have got me looking forward to lectures every week (so thanks for that MIMs, if you’re reading). Other highlights include an internship I completed during my second year, which gave me so much experience and confidence in the real working world of the music industry. I really have BIMM and Silvia Gargiulo for that, you guys rock! Also, working at 2000trees this past summer was great fun, if you’re at BIMM try to get involved with this festival, you’ll love it.

What advice would you give to future students on your course?

Recently, the Music Industry Management course has changed to Music Business so, in terms of structure and modules, future students will be getting a slightly different experience to the one I had. However, this advice still applies: make the most of it. The years fly by in a blink of an eye so stop, look up, and take it in. Make friends on your course, see them outside of BIMM. Go to social events. Go to the BIMM gigs, they’re actually good fun, I promise you. Talk to your lecturers, take opportunities, use contacts. BIMM want to give you the best start to a career and life in music, so let them help you. Work hard, do your best, but most of all enjoy it.


Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.