Why I Chose BIMM

Why I Chose BIMM – Bobby Palumbo

8th May 2017

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Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Bobby Palumbo. I’m 19, from East London and the frontman for LoveButter. At the moment I’m studying Guitar at BIMM Bristol.

How did you get started?

I grew up on my dad’s music taste which consisted of all that’s good with rock and roll and that sparked my passion for music. When I was younger I sang in choirs and had a few lessons in different instruments. Growing up I flocked to guitar and eventually developed my vocals enough to start singing in bands.

Why did you choose BIMM Bristol?

Why not? Good city, good music scene, good times.

What has been your highlight at BIMM?

Meeting like-minded, incredibly talented musicians. At BIMM you can literally point a finger at anyone and know they are as committed and passionate as you are about music.

What advice would you give to future students on your course?

Network, practice, and learn your theory. Don’t sit around; get out there and start making music because it is the only time you will be surrounded by such a high level of talent and support.


Sarah-Louise Burns

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