Why Did You Choose Diploma – Martha Phillips

26th October 2017

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What drew you to BIMM at such a young age?

I actually had to do some research in my GCSEs for a career path in one of my music modules and came across BIMM, it just seemed like the only option after high school. I wasn’t ready to just start touring the country at 16, so coming to a music college that’s so focused on getting you ready for the real world at a young age was like a dream come true.

How did the Diploma course help you?

I didn’t realise quite how unprepared I was for the industry; I’d done a few gigs, written loads of songs, and even had a band, but really I had no idea about what to do with any of that. The Diploma basically taught me everything practical I needed to know and get me prepared. From little things like writing an artist Bio or using theory to improve my writing, to big things like how to make money and what kind of record label would suit me.

Do you think it benefitted your choice of progressing to the Degree?

100%.The Diploma is a lot condensed into one year, the progress I made last year as an artist is probably more than the 5 years before put together. That helps you on the Degree because it sets you up ready to go whilst most are still finding their feet. It also makes the assessments easier because you actually know more of what you’re talking about because you’ve been there and done it.

What moment stands out the most from your Diploma experience?

I think the highlight of my year had to be playing 2000 Trees Festival. I’d never even been to a real festival before, so to be asked to play one was such an honour, especially one as big as 2000 Trees. It was ace, I absolutely loved it all and felt like all the hard work had paid off.

Would you recommend it?

I regularly do, it literally changed my life. If you’re passionate and that comes across in everything you do, it really can do amazing things for you and open so many doors – and it’s free for under 19’s! Why wouldn’t you..??

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Lucy Evers

As an ex-student of BIMM Brighton and a Vocalist in a Math Pop band Orchards, Lucy has an overview of the student experience that applies to you all. Lucy’s passions for music, journalism and photography all coincide here to showcase; live shows, top tips to living a student lifestyle and the general beauty of the city you live in. She wants you to get a down to earth overview of your BIMM student experience.