Why I Chose BIMM

Why I Chose BIMM – Paige Proctor

30th May 2017

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Introduce yourself

I’m Paige Proctor, 21 year old female drummer. Currently in my final year of BIMM London studying Creative Musicianship in Drums.

Why did you choose to crowdfund your album?

Our project manager, James, heard about crowdfunding through his music business course and how much of a good idea it was for raising money for a low budget project. We believed we had a strong enough idea behind our music and the collective involved to try and raise £1000 to put on this launch show… and it worked.

How did you get started?

With a purpose. Women seem to be overlooked as musicians these days so the idea of this album was to change that perception. With a female in charge of the creative direction of a whole 11 piece collective, hopefully this will empower women to do the same.

What tips would you give to someone looking to raise funds for a project?

Try to start out with an underlying meaning behind your project so people believe in your story and want to follow your movement and see you progress. Also, make sure to offer bundles and good deals that people will actually want for your loyal fans and supporters.

Why did you choose BIMM London?

Mainly for location and its reputation for people pursuing a music career after BIMM. I knew London was the place I wanted to be for music from a young age.

What’s been your highlight so far?

My highlight so far has probably been working hard to get this album done and putting this collective together! I had the pleasure of meeting loads of talented people and getting them on board to strive towards the same goal – representing the urban scene – which is wicked to see. Hopefully people will appreciate we’re doing something different. See you at the launch show!


Lucy Evers

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