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Where To Repair Your Instruments In Hamburg

17th January 2018


Sometimes accidents can happen to your instruments or they can break while playing, just like that. But don’t panic… there’s help close by! We’ve compiled a handy list of the best places to get your instruments repaired in Hamburg, so you can spend less time researching and more time jamming!

Just Music

This huge repair shop can be found in the bunker right next to the Sternschanze underground station. The staff can help you out with whatever problem you may have and it’s right near BIMM Hamburg too!


This shop has been operating since 1989 and can fix your guitar in no time. Like BIMM, it’s located in St. Pauli… between sex shops and kiosks. It’s been a lifesaver for many musicians playing concerts in St. Pauli over the years, so when you visit, it’s quite possible that you may bump into someone you’ve seen on a concert poster!

Jas Gitarrenservice

From simple repairs to complex modifications, this business will breathe new life into your instrument. Drazen Jasic has more than 35 years of experience fixing every kind of guitar. Bands like Mando Diao, Machine Head and the Rollins Band have used the service of this luthier.

König Gitarrenbau

Robin König started working on plucked string instruments when he was just 15 years old. As a maker of plucked instruments he’s capable of carrying out, unaided, the technical tasks involved in repairing every kind of plucked musical instrument you can think of. His shop is located in Hamburg-Ottensen, just five minutes from the Altona train station.

Ingolf Mattern

Musicians from all over the world come to Ingolf Mattern to get their wind instruments fixed. He only uses high-quality materials and, most important to him, is that his customers are happy.

Der Holzbläser

When you need to get your woodwind instruments checked, you should go to Der Holzbläser. They can arrange an appointment at short notice and are able to provide you with a replacement instrument for the time yours is being repaired.


This family-run workshop places a particular focus on pianos. With years of knowledge and experience, they do small repairs, as well as big refurbishments, on your grand or upright piano. They also give you detailed advice on the best tending too.

Folk Friends

This shop specialises in string and plucked instruments, as well as reed instruments like harmonicas and shruti boxes. Folk Friends has a wide range of services to offer, including maintenance, tuning and repairs.

Matthias Tödtmann

Located in the city centre, this shop is easy to reach by the Underground. With his wealth of experience in repairing violins, violas and cellos, as well as manufacturing new ones, Matthias can also provide you with important advice and ideas on how to constantly improve your playing.

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Melina Seiler

Melina Seiler is a Hamburg based journalist and author working for several online German magazines. Melina writes for and was responsible for the reporting on Reeperbahn Festival 2017 – Germany’s most prominent inner-city music event.