What to Expect from the BIMM Student Association (BSA)

29th March 2021

Not all of our activities link to your course. That’s because we understand how beneficial it is to have experiences outside of the curriculum. They can help your well-being and your growth as a person. Kashi Chellen, BIMM Student Association President, tells us what you can expect, and how you can create your own society.

The Brighton BIMM Student Association (BSA) launched last year to provide students with a platform and space to create their own communities of like-minded people.

Anyone can start these societies, and we have a great range of societies across all the BIMM colleges, including;

  • LGBTQ+
  • Women in Music
  • Events
  • Football
  • Run Club
  • Environmentalists
  • And so many more

You can find groups for each society on Facebook and BIMM Connect.

​I really enjoy the activism and work that goes into the LGBTQ+ LOUD AND PROUD society. This society has put on a couple of wonderful events to raise money for local LGBTQ+ charities and is very active in promoting resources for education in the community.

“It is run by students for students.”

I think having a BSA has been so beneficial to the student experience because it gives the students something that they feel is theirs. The entire premise of the BSA is that it is run by students for students, and this provides an overall authentic university experience.

Being BSA President has been so incredibly rewarding. I’ve enjoyed being a part of college decisions and getting to sit in on meetings to see how student voices are heard. The entire BSA team is fantastic and works so hard to ensure that the societies are running efficiently and are represented.

Student voices can be represented in management meetings, and financial backing can be provided to ensure the societies can have regular meetups and even put on events. Having these opportunities has proven to be something that students enjoy.

How to Start a New Society

In order to start a new society, you must have three members, a logo to be promoted on the social channels, and an aim/objective for the society. This could be anything from providing a safe space for your society to meet up, to raising money for a chosen charity.

The BSAs across all colleges are in regular contact with each other. It was lockdown that brought us all together. We worked together to put on the BIMM Lockdown Sessions, which proved to be a success in giving students a creative outlet during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

BIMM Birmingham have a Football Society with who we plan to have inter-college games with and set up termly tournaments. BIMM Dublin also have a thriving Events Society. There is some crossover in societies and the aim going forward is to continue the cross-college collaboration and further strengthen those connections.

Our BIMM Community is always here for you. Find out more about the BIMM Student Association, Student Support or our new Access and Participation initiatives


Loulou Baylis

Loulou is BIMM's Copywriter and joined the Marketing Team in March 2019. Loulou's main passions include music (especially anything to do with Fleetwood Mac), writing, and going on adventures (while trying not to get injured in the process).