Songwriting or Vocals?

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Vocals or Songwriting?

9th November 2018

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We’re always asked: “How can we choose between Songwriting and Vocals?” And, it’s a conundrum we completely understand. When thinking about what you want to study for the next three years (or four at BIMM Dublin!) – you’ve got a big decision on your hands, and with both disciplines being so intrinsically linked, it can leave you feeling quite baffled!

So, let us break it down for you – here’s what you need to really think about when you’re making this decision:

  • Research the details: Have a look over the modules for the two courses and think of your career path. Do the modules fit the journey that you envisage for yourself? You can find overviews of both disciplines on our website; read Songwriting or Vocals. These pages cover everything from course content to student reviews and career paths. It’s also worth noting the optional modules in each course, as you may still be able to incorporate Songwriting or Vocals in your course in years 2 and 3.
  • Define your goals: The main question that you should ask yourself is ‘what is my goal and how can I get there?’ It may not be the obvious answer. Perhaps you want to sing and have a strong voice but your songwriting skills need further development in order to achieve your goals – or vice versa. Think carefully about what it is that you want to learn from your time at BIMM.
  • Discover the lecturers: One of the most exciting things about BIMM is that we have a roster of music industry specialists delivering our courses and sharing their knowledge with you. Perhaps you’d love to learn Vocals from Shon Abram who provided vocals for the Grammy Award-winning band Imagine Dragons, or maybe you’re keen to work with Bernard Butler guitarist and founding member of legendary Britpop troupe, Suede. Here’s a link to all of the lecturers, so you can do your own research. But remember, you can book tutorials with any of the tutors at BIMM – they don’t need to teach your course, so you never need to miss out.
  • Give us a call: If you’re still torn between the two courses, then give our Admissions Team a call on 08442 646 666, or email them at [email protected] and they can talk you through things in more detail.
  • Join us at an Open Day: Not only will you get a chance to see the facilities at your chosen college, but you’ll also get to meet some of our Tutors there – and they may have some top tips to help you make that final decision. See our upcoming Open Day’s and book your space here.
  • Alternatively, did you know you can study two disciplines? We’re also aware that some people’s career aspirations might be split evenly between Songwriting and another subject. That’s where our brand new Joint Honours degree comes in! Scroll to the Joint Honours section of our Course Finder page and discover a range of options weighted 50/50 between Songwriting and Popular Music Performance (Vocals, Guitar, Drums, Bass or Keyboards), Music Production or event Music Business!

Best of luck with your decision! If you’ve made up your mind then why not start your application? Apply now and begin your career in music.


Luther Adams