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Vinyl Vs. Brexit

11th June 2018

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Recently, an article on the BBC website about records seemed to really catch the attention of my vinyl loving friends and colleagues- I was sent the same link by about 10 different people. The piece, which you can read here, examines the impact that Brexit will have on the still burgeoning vinyl marketplace.

What struck me the most about this particular slant to Brexit is that there are a lot of nebulous possible outcomes, that new rules and regulations could come in to play when/if we stick to the decision to leave the European Union. I say ‘could’ as there are a lot of possible fears, possible scenarios, things that may/may not happen- it’s entirely an ‘if this, then maybe that’ situation.

What I mean is that it is entirely uncertain. We do not know enough about when, if or even how Brexit will impact our daily lives, from Reeboks to records, as we still do not know what exactly the new rules will entail. Maybe I am an eternal optimist, but what I really pulled from the article was how exciting it is that there is a new record pressing plant, right here in the UK.

Located in Portsmouth, Vinyl Presents will allow artists to not only write, arrange and record their work right here in Britain, but actually have it pressed here as well. Two of the biggest plants which make vinyl are located in the Czech Republic and Germany, which is one of the causes for fear and alarm among indie labels and majors alike. With a possible Brexit looming, there is fear that relationships will be forced to change, prices may go up and the whole process for getting records from another country will be further complicated. Which leads me back to why I think it can be a cup half full situation- I love the idea of every step of a British artist being created and completed on native soil. With the opening of this new plant, it could arguably be a step towards even more locally, homegrown, sustainable scene right here instead of one crucial, tangible step being shipped away and made elsewhere.


You can find out more information about getting your records pressed right here in the UK at


Jennifer Otter-Bickerdike