27th November 2017

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At the beginning of 2017, we caught up with BIMM Manchester Music Business Degree students Paige and Taylor Martin (aka the twins) as they approached the end of their final year. Now, as graduates, they’re officially flying solo with their music firm “Twins Management”. So, as the end of the year approaches, we thought we’d indulge in a long-overdue catch-up. 

What’s Twins Management’s roster looking like now? Has it changed much since February?

Over the past few months we have started working closely with Miranda Amess after returning from her travels abroad. Adding artists to our roster is always something we take time to decide on. It’s important that we don’t take on too much work for ourselves and that we don’t jeopardise the attention and support we give to each of our acts by taking on anyone else at that moment in time. This is something we experienced when we first started working with artists, however we have worked hard to change this. 

What sort of track record does the company have?

We’ve put on a sold-out showcase at Gullivers featuring some of our artists which was a huge success. In terms of individual achievements we’ve had two acts tour the UK and one in Europe, secured support slots with artists such as Janet Devlin, Lazy Habits and Jeramiah Ferrari and are part of a partnership with Yamaha also, with each act gaining support from BBC introducing.

What stage does an artist need to be at for you to consider working with them?

Everyone has to start somewhere, so the stage in their career doesn’t really matter to us when choosing who we work with. However, we do look for each individual to have aims and goals as musicians themselves in order for us to be able to help achieve them.

What personality traits do you look for/avoid before signing a client?

We absolutely will not work with people with a lack of motivation and drive, we have a roster of 4 acts with busy schedules and we split our time with them all – therefore we look for acts that are motivated, self driven and pro-active.

Can you describe your process when it comes to working with an artist?

We do artist development with acts. This when we create a brand for them and make sure they are ready to go out into the real world! We cover everything when developing our artists from their fashion choices to their on-stage presence and performance. Our aim is to get them ready for anything!

We want all our acts to be happy with what we do for them – showing we are willing to take the time to assist them in any way possible proves our worth. We do not have contracts with our artists, this is something we have avoided from the beginning, we really want our artists to feel comfortable with us and work with us in a friendly environment. We ensure from the start they know what we will be doing for them and establish roles.

Do you co-manage your artists between the two of you or do you prefer to work separately on them?

When we first started, we worked together. However, as we expanded we found it much easier to divide the artists between us. We are both in communication with all of the acts, however we do work personally with each artist to avoid mix-ups and miscommunication.

Is there any friendly sibling rivalry going on?

Never! Well maybe sometimes…
We are a team and help each other, ones success is the others

What sort of exciting things does Twins Management have on the horizon? Any new signings/events you want to shout about?

The Navettes recently released their brand new single ‘Gorgeous’ along with a music video which you can check out here!

They will also be performing at Rough Trade in London to round-off Yamaha’s Test Drive Revstar campaign that they have been part of this year!

Mister Twisted recently released their first music video for their single ‘Reggular’ that you can watch here!

Miranda Amess has exciting things coming soon (she was recently featured as our track of the week) and recently released her music video for her single ‘No Place Like You’ available here!

To see how far the twins have come this year, you can check out our previous blog post on them HERE.


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