The Manuscript – Ruth Cronin

23rd April 2017

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Introduce yourself…
My name is Ruth Cronin and I am a final year Music student at BIMM Dublin. I am the Editor of The Manuscript.

How did Manuscript come about?
As someone with a passion for writing, it saddened me that the college didn’t offer an outlet such as a newspaper through which we could express our writing talents outside of our song writing ones. Hence, I took it upon myself to start a college newspaper so we could do so.

What is your favourite feature?
There are many! In our last issue, Stefan wrote a really great review of a recent masterclass at the college with KRS-One. It was fascinating to read about his experiences and his influences. I am excited about our upcoming issue, the theme of which is technology. I interviewed Dublin Snapchat star James Kavanagh about the importance of social media and digital marketing in building a brand/business. I really enjoyed interviewing him and composing the article afterwards, it was very insightful.

What sets you apart?
Unlike other universities, BIMM Dublin is a pure music college. The Manuscript is unique in that it provides readers with music related news and reviews only and we only publish fresh and up-to-date content. The newspaper is 100% student run and is funded almost totally independently by ads.

How can this benefit BIMM students?
It is important for all students to leave college having learned and exercised as many skills as possible. Having your work published in the college newspaper is certainly a desirable asset to have on your CV. It is both confidence building and mind broadening to compose an article for a newspaper and it is hugely rewarding to see your work in print format. While we have a permanent team of staff writers, we accept contribution articles for each issue from any students looking to write an article for the paper. We aim to publish music-related news only in an effort to keep the content relevant to all BIMM students.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to start their own?
Go for it!

Contact us at [email protected]  / www.facebook.com/thecollegemanuscript


Lucy Evers

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