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The BIMM 2022 Freshers’ Guide to Brighton

18th July 2022


September is not far away, which means the BIMM Institute Brighton Freshers’ Week is just around the corner! It’s time for you to plan for your first few weeks in East Sussex. BIMM Institute Brighton student Henry Terrett has written a handy guide for exploring the city’s best bits for new students. Check it out!​​

Welcome to Brighton! I hope it brings you a lot of joy. To help you start your Brighton adventure, here’s a short guide of things to do and eat on a day-to-day basis:


Happy Maki does giant sushi rolls stuffed with various veg. It’s basically a Japanese burrito. It’s all vegan, and if you’re not vegan, don’t let that put you off because it’s delicious! Honestly, it’s one of the best things about Brighton! One’s just opened up in the Brighton Lanes too, which also does sushi bowls and other beautiful things. Also, you pay what you want! Just don’t take the mick…

La Choza does amazing burritos and great cocktails. It’s a diddy little place, but it’s cool and is a charming place to eat. Just don’t refer to guacamole as ‘guac’. They don’t like that.

Brighton’s also a great one for pizzas too. Take your pick from VIP Pizza, Fatto a Mano, Pizza Me or Franco Manca. They all make amazing pizzas with vegan options available.


If there’s one thing Brighton does better than pretty much anywhere else, it’s pubs and cafes. My favourites include The Basketmakers Arms, The Constant Service, The Signalman, The Brighton Tavern, The Prince Albert, Fox on the Downs and Park Crescent. These are all really cosy and vibey pubs with a great selection of drinks. I haven’t been, but I’ve heard Shuffle Bar is an excellent place for a more lively night out with cocktails.

Coffee-wise, you can’t go wrong. Everywhere is super cosy and warm, has excellent coffee and food, and lots of them are also great places to get your head down for your assignments. My favourites are Pelicano, Baker Street Coffee, Wolfox, Bond St Coffee, Black Mocha, The Trading Post, and Flour Pot Bakery.

For a night out with great music, Patterns, Green Door Store, East Street Tap, and Chalk serve some consistently fun nights. And if you’re more into Drum n’ Bass kinda nights, you’ll enjoy places like The Arch and Volks.


Of course, Brighton isn’t short of live music and venues. The ones I’ve enjoyed going to and playing include Green Door Store, Prince Albert, Hope & Ruin, and The Rossi Bar. More significant artists will typically make appearances at Concorde 2, Brighton Dome and The Old Market. If you fancy checking out what Brighton offers in experimental music, check out The Rose Hill. If you’re a Jazzer, be sure to check out The Hand In Hand.

The best thing you can do as a BIMM student is not confine yourself to the ‘BIMM bubble’; make sure you go to plenty of gigs in town, check out the local bands and find what excites you! Who do you want to play a gig with? Who are the best promoters? Who manages these bands?

Become friends with people on the scene, and you’ll get gigs and get in with people who will help you out. Aspiring freelance (session) musicians should also be sure to go to jam nights and sit in places like Casablancas and Latest Music Bar. Show them what you got, have fun and let yourself be known!


It’s an unwritten law to spend days at the beach when you live in Brighton, but nothing beats days in parks such as Queen’s Park, home to many swans and geese. There’s also Preston Park, which is excellent for dog spotting. Check out Woodvale Cemetery for a peaceful walk and the Downs at the top of Bear Road for a stunning view of the city.

Take a walk through the Lanes and discover all the beautiful shops. Snoopers Paradise is… well… a snooper’s paradise! They’ve got tonnes of retro clothes, antiques, records and collectables; an all-around exciting place!

Let’s not brush over the beach, though. Do make sure that you have plenty of BBQ and drink evenings there. Those were some of my best nights!

That should keep you busy! I hope you love the time you spend here and that this guide will help you find all the things you love about it. Have fun! You can find out more about what life in Brighton is like, here.


Matt Leppier

Matt Leppier works as a digital content creator for BIMM Institute's central marketing team. Alongside this, he works for Off Licence Magazine as a editor, writer and photographer, as well as hosting several radio shows on Balamii and Platform B. He loves travel, literature and supports NBA team, Boston Celtics.