Suzi Island release debut single “Show Me The Way”

29th May 2018

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BIMM Brighton indie-pop duo Suzi Island recently released their debut single “Show Me The Way”.

The third year performance students have been crafting their fun-loving sound since their formation in late 2017 and the new video (shot just a short distance from their hometown hub of Brighton) serves as a tantalising teaser for what’s yet to come. We spoke to core members Hugh Reilly-Smith and Matthew Carter about the release, their plans for the summer and what it was like having the track produced by Pete Robertson of the Vaccines.

Congratulations on the single release guys! Can you sum up what the song’s all about for us?

Thank you so much. The response has been incredible! Regarding the song, I really think it’s one of those things that the music is what you make of it, but to me personally ‘Show Me The Way’ is just a comment on that ’emotional overdrive’ feeling, when you love someone but can’t make sense of the situation you’re in. It’s sort of like breaking point in my head.

What’s it been like working with Pete Robertson of the Vaccines?

Pete’s awesome! We love him. We got to working with him a few months ago, and the music we’ve worked on has just felt like such a natural fit. He’s been so great in getting involved with the project, coming to gigs, working on the live set… I’d wanna call him our mentor, but I’m just not sure if we’re cool enough for that yet.

Can you describe how it’s felt to have picked up support from the likes of BBC 6 and Spotify so soon after your formation?

I don’t think anybody expected the crazy response we got from the release, it’s been insane. Getting onto Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist was definitely a highlight, but overall it’s just  amazing that the reception the song has been getting since its release has been so great.

Can you let us in on any other plans or the remainder of 2018? Gigs, releases, recordings, etc?

Most certainly! Loads of cool stuff coming up in the rest of the year. We’ve got our second single coming out mid June, and another music video accompanying that. We’ve also got these gigs lined up:

Tunbridge Wells (The Forum) – 5th June

Good Karma Club (Seabright Arms) – 28th June

The Finsbury – 20th July

Chiddfest – 27th July


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