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Student Reviews: Fink in Berlin 

6th January 2020


Bence Szilagyi (currently studying Songwriting at BIMM Institute Berlin) was given the chance to see Fink live and on stage in Berlin for the second time. Here, he tells us the impact Fink had on him when he was 14 years old, the connection both have with Berlin – and how perfection is, ultimately, boring. 

The thing about Fink is that he’s simply great. That was my impression when I met him for the first time during a Songwriting Camp in Berlin, which was organised by BIMM Institute. And I thought the same as I walked out of the beautiful Admiralspalast on November 26th 2019 after BIMM Institute gave me the chance to see him live on stage for the second time. Yet, being simply great turned out to be both an understatement and the correct measure for Fink as an artist. Let me explain why.

I must have been 14 years old when I heard ‘Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us’ playing on my hometown’s radio in Hungary. That song pulled me into the world of Fin Greenall (aka Fink) without knowing much about the artist behind the track. Fink started out as a DJ in the 1990s, and since the mid-2000s he’s gained more and more popularity as a songwriter in his own right.

I’ve always sensed some kind of uniqueness and exceptionality when listening to Fink’s music, and as I saw him performing at Budapest’s Sziget Festival back in 2018, I knew it wasn’t my last Fink concert. And so I entered the Admiralspalast.

It was going to be the final night of the All Give Tour in his adopted hometown of Berlin, following the release of his freshest record Bloom Innocent. So you could feel the excitement among the crowd. The first thing that struck me was how mixed the audience was – from middle-aged men in Nirvana-shirts to smooching teens; the whole town seemed to be represented. The stage was designed in minimalistic ways, pushing the band into the foreground – not unusual for Fink’s artistry,

After a short opening set by EERA, a wonderful Norwegian artist, Fink finally took the stage at 9.00 pm. What followed was pure magic. Fink and his band performed a 13-song set for almost two hours, diving as deep as possible into each and every song. It was a live concert, a musical mess, a jam session, a symphony of exploration and revelation – or simply put magic. It’s times like these which strengthen our love and passion towards music, and it’s the best fuel for any musician.

From the first note of his new single ‘We Watched The Stars’, through the classics like ‘Warm Shadow’ and ‘Looking Too Closely’, until the last chord of a stunningly beautiful version of ‘Walking In The Sun’, Fink and his band justified their choice of the tour’s name: they truly gave it all, and even more.

His voice sounded as bluesy as ever; the massive sound of the two drums filled the room and left enough space for the other instruments to experiment and get lost inside the music. Fink’s guitar playing was mind-blowing, and for me personally, that was the highlight of the evening. I particularly enjoyed the sonic landscape they created by combining acoustic elements with electronic sounds; guitar-driven rock with blues and soul.

Fink didn’t speak much. He let his music tell it all instead. When he spoke, he spoke about his special connection to Berlin and how this city allows and inspires him to be creative at all times. “Perfection is boring,” he said. “And that’s why I live in this place”. I believe that some roads definitely lead to Berlin. I could not have chosen a better place to study songwriting at, and I am very grateful for this opportunity. Thank you BIMM Institute. And thank you Fink.


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Written by Bence Szilagyi



Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.