Sally von Hofsten: From Sweden to Bristol

2nd July 2019


What attracted you to study at BIMM in Bristol?

Once I decided I wanted to do music, BIMM felt like the only option somehow – I thought that if I wanted to aim for a career in this industry I had to choose a degree and institute that would not only give me further knowledge and skills, but also connections and opportunities. BIMM is a really good place for all of the above.

I initially thought Bristol was a good option since I have some friends living in Devon and family in Cardiff. But then once I started doing some research I realised that it also sounded like the perfect place for me – lots of art, music and culture, all in a beautiful and friendly place. I wanted to move somewhere where I would fit in, and I feel as though I really do here.

How did you find settling in? Is there anything you did that really helped?

It was scary at first – moving to a new country and all – but it didn’t take long until I got to know some amazing people and started feeling a lot less insecure about it all. I also arrived in Bristol about a month and a half before my first year started, which helped massively when trying to settle in. I had so much time to just explore the city, go for long walks, visit loads of cafes, think and reflect before the hectic student life began. It was nice to get familiar with my surroundings a bit before it all kicked off.

How does the music scene in Bristol compare to your hometown?

Haha, my hometown doesn’t really have a music scene (I’m from a very small town on the countryside in Sweden). But even when I got older and lived in bigger cities, such as Örebro and Stockholm, I never really got to experience a music scene like the one in Bristol. Here it feels like there is always something going on, always a gig or an open mic or jam night.

I get the sense that Sweden overall is very different in that way. But that being said, I mainly did musicals and choirs when I lived over there, so maybe I was just looking in the wrong places!

What’s the music community like at BIMM Bristol and Bristol as a whole?

I think the answer to this question really depends on who you are asking. I personally have absolutely loved my time at BIMM and in Bristol. I have met so many great musicians here, and I truly feel like I am part of a supportive and loving community. I think the overall experience is so reliant on what you are willing to put in; if you work hard and support your peers, you will see results and opportunities will naturally present themselves. Most people here are so lovely- just be yourself, be kind and you will easily find your people!

Any advice you would give to someone looking to move to study here at BIMM in Bristol?

Do it! Moving to the UK and studying music has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I have learnt so much and had so much fun. I think the only advice I would give is to be open-minded. The music industry can be a scary place, but there are so many cool things you can do if you’re just willing to try it out. Don’t go into it with only one set goal or the idea that you have to be somewhere career-wise in three years, because that might not be the case. Instead, focus on gaining as much knowledge and skill as possible whilst you’re here at BIMM, and the rest will eventually fall into place.

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Sarah-Louise Burns

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