Pandaux releases sophomore EP ‘XYZ’

27th March 2018

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Music Production graduate Gavin Dodd (AKA Pandaux) will soon release his second EP entitled ‘XYZ’. The three-track release sees the BIMM Brighton alumnus continuing the development of his chilled out electronica, with laid back acoustic flourishes and a guest vocal appearance from fellow BIMM graduate Isle Of CC. We caught up with the young producer to talk about his technical process, musical heritage and how BIMM helped get him where he is today.

For those who’ve never heard your music before, how would you describe it? 

I always struggle trying to describe my music, as I draw influence from so many genres. But I guess I would have to say that it’s mainly electronically chill-based but with raw acoustic elements and a strong heartbeat.

Music and creativity seems to run in your family. Can you summarise your musical upbringing for us?

My dad is probably the main reason I got into playing music, as he was a multi-instrumentalist too. Although piano is the only instrument we play in common, my dad also played the trombone and the cello, both of which I have subtly recorded and sampled in my tracks (my sister also plays the flute, which can be heard in “Mercury”, off my first EP). I spent most of my teenage years sitting at the piano with my dad playing various pieces of music together, but I owe my eclectic taste of genres to my mum as she raised me listening to a vast array of different types of music!

Can you describe how the new EP differs from your debut?

The most obvious difference is that “XYZ” actually has vocals in it, whereas “Elements” (the first EP) was all instrumental. I still maintained the full instrumental texture for the new EP but with complimentary vocals sung by myself  and with one of the tracks featuring the fantastic ‘Isle of CC’. ”XYZ” also has more drive pushing it, it feels a lot more upbeat than “Elements” but with the signature Pandaux vibes flowing throughout. 

Any plans to perform live soon?

There are no plans as of yet, but I am launching some merchandise soon with the hopes of getting merchandise out on the road with some live performances… So watch this space

For any music producers reading this, what software/equipment do you prefer to work with?

I primarily write in Logic Pro X and perform with Ableton Live. Synth-wise I’m an avid user of Native Instruments VST Massive as well as Logic’s built in granular synth “Alchemy”, it’s surprisingly good! My go to reverb is Waves Trueverb, beautiful sounding reverbs, fun to play with also. 

What was the most valuable thing you took from your course at BIMM?

To be myself. Before I came to BIMM, I was constantly trying to emulate other producers styles and sounds, then I learned to discover my own sound and style, hence the birth of Pandaux. 

It’s also really important that you meet loads of new people along the road. I have had the privilege of working with some super-talented people throughout my time at BIMM and am so excited to get them playing on my tracks, “XYZ” featuring the “Sassy Unicorn” herself, “The Isle of CC” and a future single in the works featuring the ever so talented (and very close friend of mine) ‘Lara Well‘.


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