Open Mic at 19 Cafe Bar

18th January 2018

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We caught up with BIMM Manchester Olly Flavell about his new Open Mic night in the city…

Why did you set up the Open Mic?

I set up the open mic through a recommendation from a friend who put me in contact with the manager of the bar, and it all started from there! I’ve set it up because it’s always nice to have an environment where people can enjoy music and really engage with what a songwriter is trying to say. It’s so much better when someone can actually get their message across. Plus, who likes playing to a room full of people who aren’t interested?

What’s your highlight so far?

Well, the first week was incredible! We had a rammed venue with no spaces left and a line up that lasted 3 hours! We run it every two weeks so people can have space to breath in between. Acts are also booked in advance so you can always guarantee it’s going to be an incredible night.

How can people get involved?

Just ask! I’m happy to help out where I can. If you’re interested in playing send me a link to your music, who you are and I’ll book in ASAP! Hurry though as I’m booked up until March already!

If you’d like to take part, give Olly an email on [email protected].


Sarah-Louise Burns

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