On tour with Olly Flavell

5th July 2017

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Getting your name out there is difficult, especially when there’s so much amazing music going on around you. However one way to play to crowds (or adoring fans and new ones) is to take yourself on tour. That’s what BIMM Manchester’s Olly Flavell decided to do to kick off his summer holiday. We caught up with him…

Introduce yourself…

Hello! My name is Olly Flavell and I’m a Manchester based singer-songwriter.

Where are you touring?

I recently toured across the north including places such as Manchester, Chester, and Sheffield.

Is this your first tour?

This was my and my band’s first mini tour which was rather exciting. We got to see different cities and meet some incredible people, not to mention playing at really quirky venues.

Did you organise it yourself?

Yes! I spent weeks contacting venues, events managers, and creative people in general about the use of their facilities. People have been so responsive and helpful.

What can the audience expect from you on stage?

This time we played one full hour of original music, so if you’re around on the next tour then feel free to come and see us play again! I love to showcase both sides of my music; the full back sound and the stripped back acoustic side of things where it’s just me and my acoustic with a harmony or two from the team!

Still existing or not, what would be your dream venue to play?

I’ve never been one for insanely huge venues but I’d love to open for anyone at an arena. I’m not so fussed which one but an arena experience would be fun. I recently attended London O2 and that was insanely big. Something like that would be awesome haha!


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