25th October 2017

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Nicky Kingsbury-Williams is the resident Industry Placements and Careers Coordinator at BIMM Brighton. She’s also a lifelong fan of U.S metal giants Slipknot. So, it comes as no surprise that when Sid Wilson (aka DJ Starscream) from the band agreed to come and give a special masterclass, Nicky was first in-line to conduct the interview.

We caught up with Nicky after Sid’s masterclass, and picked her brains on what it was like meeting someone whose records were so instrumental in developing her love for alternative music.  

How did it feel when you were asked to interview Sid?

I felt excited that I was to be interviewing him, especially as I had grown up listening to his music. I text my old school friend that I was to be interviewing him and she rightly text back, ’14 year old Nicky wouldn’t believe future Nicky if you told her that’s what you will be doing at 31!’ I was also nervous as I don’t have a lot of interviewing experience. I have sang onstage to large crowds, hosted and compered but never interviewed someone I have actively listened to.

How did you become a Slipknot fan?

Slipknot were a huge catalyst of the nu-metal scene. Alongside Korn, Deftones and Limp Bizkit, they created this new, heavy sound that took metal into a new era and genre that combined heavy guitars with rap/hip hop. I guess I was really into Deftones during my teen years and loved the energy that nu-metal shows gave. It helped me grow as a music lover and spurned me to get into heavier hardcore music like bands on the Trustkill label (Poison the Well, Hopesfall and Walls of Jericho – who inspired me to scream in a metal band!)

What did you talk with Sid about in the masterclass?

Sid did most of the talking! He was the perfect interviewee! He gave a lot of insider info into the old-days of Slipknot and how they came to be the band they are today. He also spoke a lot about his influences which got him into DJing, he was a really big Jungle DJ before he even joined the band! I think the general consensus in the room was that we could have all listened to Sid talk all night, he was incredibly charismatic and inspiring. He encouraged our students to practice all the time, he said that every member of Slipknot rehearse right up until they step on the stage, even now when they’ve played the same songs for 20 years. He also said that our students were so lucky to be at BIMM studying music as he never got the chance.

Was Sid what you expected?

He was a lovely person, very charming. I’m not sure what I expected really! He definitely exceeded any expectations I did have.

How excited were the college staff and students to have Sid visit?

There was a huge buzz around him coming in as it’s rare that we have someone in from the metal world for a masterclass, no-less a Grammy award winning member of one of the biggest metal bands in the past two decades! The class was sold out within an hour. I think some of the staff who had only seen Slipknot as the guys in masks were apprehensive as to what to expect!

If you could choose another guest to interview who would it be?

I reckon Mike Patton (Faith no More, Mr Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantomas, Lovage etc etc!) would be an extremely interesting person to interview. He’s probably got a lot of great stories to tell. He’s definitely a hero of mine. Fingers crossed!


James Watts

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