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My Manchester: Jake Lafferty

28th January 2019


How would you summarise Manchester?

Manchester is an exciting centre for all things creative. So many artists, musicians, and creativity all round. Some of the friendliest people around too!

Do you remember the first gig you saw in the city?

The first gig I saw was Def Leppard and Whitesnake at the MEN Arena in December 2015.

And the last?

Chic & Nile Rogers at the MEN Arena. Seeing Rival Sons soon though and I couldn’t be more excited!

If you had someone visiting for 24 hours, where would you take them?

I’d take them to a Greggs for breakfast. I’m aware Greggs isn’t exclusive to Manc, but they’re better here. Trust me. Then, I would take them to the Northern Quarter and explore all the many shops, including Afflecks Palace. Then get some drinks at one of the many bars in the NQ and go to a gig in town, any local gig that sounds appealing. There is no shortage of local gigs in Manchester.

What would you say is Manchester hidden gem?

The street art that can be found anywhere you go, some of it is stunning. Especially in the Northern Quarter.

The best for…

A quick pint? Courtyard

A night out? Jimmy’s

To see new music? Band On The Wall, Jimmy’s, Castle Hotel, Gullivers.

Grab a coffee? Cheeky Coffee Co

Brunch? Pancho’s Burritos

Dinner? Pancho’s Burritos.

Takeaway? Again, Pancho’s Burritos, hahaha!

Venue? Pancho’s Burritos. Nah, The Deaf Institute for sure.

Taking a time out? Hulme Park, especially with nice weather.

Clothes shopping? Primark, I guess

Vinyl shop? Vinyl Resting Place in Afflecks. Got some belters in there.

See art? Any street in the Northern Quarter. Guaranteed to see some sick art.


James Watts

Social Media Assistant, Professional Bassist and Music Journalist. Career highlights include performing at some of the UK's premier music festivals, recording in Abbey Road and interviewing Debbie Harry.