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My Manchester: Ellis Elwyn

25th February 2019

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In the interest of keeping you updated with the hottest hangouts in BIMM’s eight cities, here is the latest guide to Manchester, featuring top tips from BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship Vocals student Ellis Elwyn. 

How would you summarise Manchester?

I would summarise Manchester in three words, busy, exciting and cold! Even though there are bad parts to every city, the people of Manchester seem to really hold things together.

Do you remember the first gig you saw in the city?

The first gig I saw in Manchester was a band called Scruffy Bear. It completely blew my mind! After finding out that they were a BIMM band, I felt so inspired. And now I have a gig supporting them with my band on the 1st of March!

And the last?

The most recent gig I’ve seen in Manchester were another amazing BIMM band called Heroine. Again, absolutely amazing. I won their merch’ giveaway recently too, which was pretty fabulous.

If you had someone visiting for 24 hours, where would you take them?

My first stop would be Panchos for lunch because it’s honestly the best place to eat that I have ever been (Even when I was briefly a vegetarian). Then I’d go to Afflecks palace for some shopping, and then maybe the cinema.

What would you say is Manchester’s hidden gem?

I love all the art hidden throughout the Northern Quarter in the streets!

The best for…

A quick pint?

Spooooooooons, I don’t drink beer really, but two pitchers for £12 is perfect. How many pints are in a pitcher? Three? I can drink a pitcher as fast as someone drinking a pint so I guess that counts…

A night out?

I don’t really go out that much cause I’m so busy, I prefer places like Spoons or maybe The Courtyard. Gay Village is pretty great though.

To see new music?

New music is available everywhere in Manchester! Places like Jimmy’s in the Northern Quarter often have live music nights with new and unsigned bands.

Grab a coffee?

Greggs, if it has to be quick. I do love Starbucks though. I’m not that good at trying out non-chain places because I already know what I like! I need to be more adventurous.


Probably Greggs too actually. Recently tried the Vegan sausage roll and it was delightful


My favourite place to eat if it isn’t Panchos is probably Almost Famous. It’s just by the Great Northern Cinema. They put bacon on everything.


Panchos, Panchos, Panchooos


I really like Band on The Wall at the minute, they’re hosting so many free entry gigs for new music and the vibe is so friendly.

Taking a time out?

I like the museums in Manchester, they’re always quiet and good places for just thinking and being calm.

Clothes shopping?

I’d probably say charity shops, I like finding weird things that other people aren’t likely to have.

Vinyl shop?

I like Vinyl Exchange in the Northern Quarter.

See art?

Again, just stroll around in the Northern Quarter and you’ll see loads of street art! If not, the Manchester Museum is great for bones and weird taxidermy (if you like that kind of art). Then there’s the actual Manchester Art Gallery just near the central Library.


You can check out Ellis Elwyn’s solo Instagram page here and her new band Deadwing’s official Facebook profile, here


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