My Great Escape Festival with La Lune

25th May 2018

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We caught up with up and coming BIMM Brighton artist La Lune to chat about her experience of performing at the Great Escape Festival this month, as well as what she got up to in her own time. 

Hi La Lune. Was this your first TGE festival? 

I went to the Great Escape last year which was so cool! My friend and I snuck in the back door of Wagner Hall and skipped all the queues and got right to the front for the Japanese House which was incredible. I only played an Alternative Escape show last year, though. This year I played two Alternative Escape shows, and my first ever Great Escape show, so that was really fun. Because I had an artist wristband this year, I was able to go to some cool lounges and get free beer – one of the many perks.

Did you get to meet any key/influential people at any of the networking events?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a lot of time to network as I was rushing about the whole time – I played three shows and did two photo shoots in the space of three days, so it was quite hectic. When I wasn’t running around doing stuff, I wanted to catch as many acts as possible. I saw Ellie Rowsell from Wolf Alice around town quite a few times, but was too scared to say hi. She’s too cool for me.

Where there any problems/issues you faced with your performance which you had to overcome?  

Yeah – the sound wasn’t great at the first gig we played. It made it kind of hard to perform, and it was a shame because I don’t think the sound was great out front for the audience, either. It sucks when that happens because you can put loads of effort into making sure the show is as top-notch as it can be, but it’s entirely out of your hands when you then play it live. I also had a really limited power supply for the street-performance gig I did, and the sound wasn’t amazing for that, either. It’s all a learning curve, though. You learn quickly to adapt and just get on with it, really. It then also makes you appreciate it when you have a good venue and tech team supporting you.

Are there any key lessons you took away from the experience?

Probably that every show is really different. I’m quite hard on myself when a gig doesn’t go as well as I’d envisioned or hoped, but that’s just the way it is, really! And you can only learn and grow as a performing artist from those experiences. I’m also learning to enjoy performing more. I used to hate it so much, but I actually had a lot of fun over TGE weekend. 

Did you manage to catch any other new/exciting artists throughout the weekend? If so, who?

Yes! I’ve been obsessed with this new artist called Bülow for a little while now, and was so psyched when I saw she was playing at Vevo’s stage at Wagner Hall. She was sick. She’s only seventeen as well. That venue is also really cool. And NAO was obviously also incredible. 


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