My Great Escape Festival by Monty Wilson

25th May 2018

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Monty Wilson is a second year Music Business student at BIMM Brighton. He’s also one of the heads of Pool Valley Recording’s promotions wing and has been running his own events company Mint Promotions for the past two years alongside managing a band from his hometown of Norwich called Gentlemen

What was your involvement in this year’s BIMM Showcase at TGE?

So, this year at the great escape I worked as the Artist Liaison for the BIMM showcase at the Hope and Ruin, which held a lineup of different BIMM acts from different parts of the UK. I was offered the role by Suzi Ireland and BIMM due to my work and experience with my own events company. The role included responsibilities such as organising postering of the venue, organising the stage, riders/tech specs and making sure the acts turned up, sound checked and performed on time.  

Were there any issues/problems you encountered during the event? If so, how did you overcome them?

Besides the backline turning up late and having to pace through some sound checks, the only real issue we faced was the fact the doors opened at 12 and the venue hit capacity by 12:04, so moving equipment efficiently from the back of the small venue to the front was certainly interesting.

Any personal favourites from the band line-up?

Frankly all the acts were incredible, I’ve seen Orchards a couple of times in Brighton, so I knew who they were, but all the rest of the acts have been saved on my Spotify. I’d be surprised if Harvey Causon and Le Boom haven’t made it big in the next 2 or 3 years 

Did you manage to go and experience any other shows during the weekend?  

I managed to see quite a few acts over the rest of the weekend which I really enjoyed, but the one that really took it for me was Idles headlining the beach stage who were honestly outrageous and I recommend everyone to see them live. It’s the same thing with slaves that their recorded music often doesn’t give their live sound justice. The most interesting act I saw was definitely Brass Rave Unit who are a dutch 5 piece brass band playing covers of club songs such as Faithless by Insomnia.


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