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Muusio – Using A.I to champion new music

16th August 2019


We are in the midst of a content explosion. There are more resources than ever that make it easier for music to be produced and recorded. This has resulted in a massive boom of content being released into the world.

Before 2007, there were approximately 10 to 30 songs released monthly due to the high costs (such as rental costs of studios, equipment) involved in releasing music. Just last week, Spotify released their latest figures announcing that over 40,000 tracks are uploaded daily. Whether through a desktop or a smartphone, the rise of Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) have provided ease and convenience to integrate creation into our lifestyles.

However, the role of curators and Artists & Repertoire (A&R) executives has not changed. Curators working on building playlists and providing recommendations for synchronisation use are still working manually through tracks to find those that are the right fit. Even with 8 hours every day dedicated to just listening to music, we will have heard only slightly over 100 songs a day; a fraction of the 40,000 that’s been uploaded on one single platform.

And every day, the amount of music that goes unheard exponentially increases. If you’re a company looking to create the absolute best listening experience and provide top-notch recommendations to your users, how can you stay ahead? If you’re a musician, how do you beat the odds to make sure that your music gets to the right audience? That’s the gap that Musiio is trying to close using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

At its core, our technology can “listen” to huge volumes of music to curate and recommend the best tracks in a database that matches your search parameters. The tech works on the audio file itself to turn it into a series of mathematical visualisations that contain features that are extracted and compared against every track in the database.

This means that the playing field becomes level, every song is heard, every artist is given a fair chance. With the use of A.I., Musiio helps in building better playlists, with better accuracy, in much less time. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beat samples and reference track for your next big hit, or you’re looking for the perfect audio for your next commercial, this is exactly what we aim to help you achieve.

Having spent 14 years in the music industry as a marketing professional in various music tech companies and being a musician myself, I fully understand the pain of having a great track out there and struggling to get it heard. And with the constant explosion of content that’s happening right now, this becomes harder every day.

With Musiio, we seek to help increase your odds as a creator to get your music heard, and we seek to help curators and industry professionals find the best of what’s out there.

Let’s make great music more discoverable. Take a listen to one of our AI-curated playlists from the Free Music Archive.


Hazel Savage

Hazel is the co-founder of, a website offering highly accurate tagging, precise musical feature-based search and personalised auto-playlisting; making it easier than ever to find music you love.