Music Journalism at Brighton Pride

23rd August 2017

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Having already had the opportunity to work at festivals like 2000Trees, Truck and the Great Escape through BIMM this summer, I was then given the chance to work at Brighton Pride which was a very different experience for many different reasons.

The first and most obvious difference to the previous festivals, and my professional industry experience, was that this was a chance to work as part of the PR team rather than as a journalist. It meant I got an insight as to the roles and responsibilities undertaken by PR teams on big events such as Pride.

These responsibilities included monitoring the press tent and looking after all the journalists and photographers who passed through or used the press tent in any capacity, especially giving them access to the essential Wifi. Whilst assisting in the tent I got to watch and observe how more established and professional journalists go about their trade. Most of them were good role models to learn off, with a few very notable, comical, exceptions. Given that a sizeable number weren’t working for specialist music press, it gave me an appreciation of journalism in wider capacity than I normally do and I could see the similarities and differences between them and the music press.

The other major role I carried out during the day was on the other side of the park, and involved signing in journalists and photographers, and giving them an appropriate wristband. Once seated it was also somewhere to see the full array extravagant and outlandish costumes. The job itself was simple enough, the only real problem being the rain and the occasional blagger trying to con his way inside.

It was a great experience both in a professional and casual capacity. It’s a fun and vibrant event and the experiences that you gain from working in a real-world environment are invaluable.


Jules Pestano