11th September 2018


Anton Rangardt is a BIMM Berlin Music Business student with a range of accolades to his name: not only does he manage indie pop band The Flavians, but he also co-created the Fake News event series at Berlin’s Badehaus, with fellow BIMM Berlin student Tom Wills.

Swedish-born Anton grew up entranced by his brother’s music collection and originally planned to become a musician himself, but later realised he was actually most drawn to organising musical events. So he applied to study at BIMM Berlin and hasn’t looked back since.

We chatted with Anton to learn more about the exciting projects he’s been working on and his experiences to date at BIMM Berlin.

So, tell us about Fake News.

Fake News is an indie music event series held at Berlin’s renowned venue, Badehaus. Three bands – Kalon, FINS and BIMM Berlin’s own The Flavians – will play the first episode on 29 September, during BIMM Berlin Freshers’ Week.

My friends and I remember being new in Berlin, anxious and not knowing anyone, but we all formed friendships at freshers’ events like this one. We’re also inviting many industry people and other musicians from around town, so we hope it’ll be a nice place to network too.

We’re offering BIMM students €6 tickets at the door, and this includes entry to the afterparty too. Doors open at 8pm – see you there, hopefully!

What inspired you to launch Fake News?

Tom Wills (bass player and vocalist for The Flavians) and I were discussing how unfair the music scene can be to artists and how crazy the world has become in so many ways. As a result, we decided to start Fake News.

Our primary goal is to tap into Berlin’s music scene, filling our line-ups with bands we truly believe in and love. We’re not doing it for the money; we’re making it our mission to pay bands for their art and performance. We’re just happy to spend our evening listening to some great bands and getting new, inspiring contacts in the industry.

You also manage The Flavians. How did that come about?

I’ve been friends with The Flavians’ Liam Blomqvist for almost ten years. When, as Music Business students, we were told to find an unsigned band to manage, I remembered Liam had just formed a new band and I had no doubt they’d have something good going on.

To me, it was obvious that The Flavians were a quartet of very talented musicians and songwriters with strong ambitions, and one year later I’m still impressed. (I often find myself humming the band’s single ‘On The Radio’ while I’m doing the dishes.)

What do you enjoy most about managing The Flavians?

Although I’m new to artist management, they put complete trust in me. Since day one, we’ve worked so closely together that I now feel like the fifth Flavian. Band meetings are always great fun and usually end up at a spätkauf late at night.

We’ve all had a confidence boost seeing ‘On the Radio’ featured in LA magazines, played on the radio on almost every continent and playlisted by big curators. The Flavians have also been offered slots at line-ups with established UK bands.

What advice would you give to new BIMM Berlin Music Business students wanting to gain experience managing bands or organising events?

Find a band you believe in, not only in terms of their music but their ambition and professionalism too. You’ll learn by doing, and I’ve also learnt a lot by asking my tutors and other BIMM employees. You’ve got industry professionals right there, willing to help you. Use them!

Organising events kind of goes hand in hand with my role as a manager. When The Flavians are playing live, I want it to go as smoothly as possible, so I always ask the promoter if I can help with setting up the stage or whatever else might be needed. This way I learn a lot about what it takes to hold a successful event.

What’s been your highlight at BIMM Berlin so far?

Being at TRIXX Studios with The Flavians, recording ‘On The Radio’, as well as their upcoming single. That amazing studio, filled with vintage gear, is a truly inspiring environment.

You can find out more about Fake News on Facebook here and here.  And see more of The Flavians on Spotify, Facebook and Instagram.

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Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.