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Making the most of BIMM Extra

13th March 2020

Challenging Yourself

BIMM has so many opportunities to offer you and everything is there for the taking. Starting at a new college or uni can be extremely daunting and it can be hard enough to settle in and have a thorough understanding of your course, let alone have an awareness of what extra curricular activities there are around you.

During my time at BIMM, I now realise that blinkered myself into only focusing on what my course required of me. With hindsight, my biggest regret is not being involved in any extra curricular events that BIMM holds. As much as your course is about learning and developing your skills, utilising BIMM Extra is an amazing way of gaining more industry knowledge and learning new skills.  

What is BIMM Extra?

BIMM Extra is an online hub of events, workshops and online courses that is an extension of BIMM’s online platform, Moodle. When studying, every student has access to Moodle, which is where their course content is posted. On the platform you can also book into Masterclasses, Tutorials and Events. It is a really helpful tool to support your studies and I highly recommend visiting the site regularly to stay up to date with your course content and extra curricular activities.

What is on Offer?

BIMM extra covers a massive variety of different practices. There are a fantastic variety of courses and workshops ranging from sports events to choirs and art sessions as well as online options too. As a creative university, wellbeing and college life go hand-in-hand and there are plenty of options specifically focused around wellness, fitness and health.

Not only is BIMM extra a great way of supporting your studies, but it is also a way to further them. During my time at BIMM, I really struggled with the technical and computer based elements of music and really wish I’d developed these skills alongside my course. Luckily for you guys, there are multiple workshops to help with this! All options posted are there to aid your development, not only during your time at university but as you progress into the industry. There is always help on hand relating to Logic, Pro Tools, social media and so much more, as these are core parts of the industry many musicians are striving to be part of.

Top 3 Tips

  1. Go for it– A massive part of me not engaging with the activities on offer was the fear of meeting new people and being in a new space. Taking that leap will not only give you new skills but allow you to network and meet new people within the university and industry.
  2. Keep your eye on Moodle and book early– Events at BIMM tend to fill up pretty quickly and you don’t want to be disappointed.
  3. Go in with an open mind– Be open to learning new things and making new friends.

My time at BIMM Brighton was so enriching and really helped me to understand the current music industry. Whilst you have the opportunity I urge you to make the most of all the different parts of BIMM that are on offer. Not only will it improve your skillset, having multiple strings to your bow really does increase your employability as well as your choice of career paths.


Becs Grzegorzek

Becs Grzegorzek is a Brighton based violinist and vocalist and mentor for Bimm Brighton. She plays with a band called Zoltan Spoke and is a session backing vocalist.