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Local Heroes: The Clockwork Door

9th July 2018


What is the Clockwork Door?

The Clockwork Door is a new concept business that we called a TimeHouse. It is a pay per minute venue and social space for people to meet up, work together, hang out, socialise, and do whatever you want for as long as you want.

How long have you been running?

We first opened in September ’16, so coming close to two years now. Sometimes that feels like an eternity, sometimes that feels like just yesterday.

Do you have an aim?

Our main aim is to give the people of Dublin a place to just be. It came from my own necessity, I wanted to spend time with friends, chatting, playing games, and planning to take over the world. I didn’t want to spend all day in cafes or bars, I wanted to be at home in the city, and so the idea was born.

How would you describe the Irish music scene at the moment?

Undervalued. I have seen some really phenomenal acts playing so much better than top rated concert acts. I can see their struggle just to get the first album together and get anyone listening to it. I’m glad the Clockwork is a platform for many acts to get their first few gigs and network a bit. I hope some day a truly massive international group will say their first live performance was at the Clockwork Door.

Any advice you would give to young music entrepreneurs?

Don’t try to be the same. Don’t see what you can do, see what you want to do and make that happen. Use an unusual instrument or style, make your own path and go as far on it as you can.

How can people get involved?

With the Clockwork? We always need more guests. Come in often and bring all your friends.

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