Local Heroes

Local Heroes – Chelsea Rixson

8th March 2017


Introduce yourself

Hello! I’m Chelsea Rixson, I run the Brighton Music Office as well as artist management and promotions company RIXSONMUSIC.

Why did you get into music industry?

I just love music, it’s always been a passion of mine since I was young. After working in the corporate world in London for 6 years, I decided to quit my job and try to follow the dream!

What have been your stand out moments so far?

Most of my stand out moments have been at gigs, I get lost in the haze when running a show. All of the work beforehand can sometimes be quite stressful, then taking a step back to look at the crowd and realising ‘Wow, I did this’ is an amazing feeling. Organising the show for an EP launch for one of my artists was a really intense experience, we sold out the show and when he played his last song, solo acoustic, I actually cried (happy tears!).  That was a massive highlight for me. Working at festivals is also my all-time favourite job, nothing compares to a festival family.

So you run BMO & RIXSON MUSIC – what are they?  How do they compare / contrast?

BMO (Brighton Music Office) has been created to be a central hub for everything music related in Brighton. Providing information and resources to musicians as well as the industry no matter what their economic level. RIXSONMUSIC is my artist management and promotions company; I put on live music events across different venues in Brighton as well as managing emerging acts. I have used my experience of working with DIY/grassroots bands to help build the structure of the Brighton Music Office.  I think it’s really important for me to continue to have first-hand experience of what bands are facing in Brighton’s music industry in order for me to make sure the resources we provide at the Brighton Music Office are relevant and effective.

What hurdles have you experienced along your ‘music journey’?

Brighton has an amazing network of people working within the music industry and most people are really supportive. One of the main hurdles I’ve come across is organisation, you have to be constantly on top of everything and it can sometimes be daunting.  Another hurdle is reaching my audience; there are so many gigs and events happening in Brighton but it seems that reaching the people that attend the gigs can be challenging.  Finding out how to reach that audience is key. Also funding and financing are always big hurdles.

How has BIMM helped?

BIMM has been instrumental in my success and it was a great platform for me to launch off of. The Music Business course gave me a head start, providing me with all of the information of how the music industry is structured and how it works, as well as providing me with amazing experiences and opportunities for work. BIMM can give you the opportunities to work in the industry, you just need to take full advantage of everything they have available.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Don’t be afraid, just get stuck in and do something, talk to everyone, and jump at every opportunity you get offered.  Learning how different parts of the industry work will only benefit you further. Be personable and nice to everyone, no matter what stage they are at in their career, you never know who someone is going to be one day.


Lucy Evers

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