#LifeAtBIMM in Dublin: Michael Reolon

16th May 2018

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How did you get started in Music?

I started studying drums when I was ten years old, attending some private schools in my hometown in Italy. Initially it was a hobby, but after playing with two bands, I started taking music more seriously and I changed schools, going from a scientific high school to a music one. Within this environment I was able to broaden my musical knowledge, studying other subjects besides the drums, such as piano, composition and theory. I also took classes at some international schools, including at a Berklee College clinic during the Umbria Jazz Festival and private classes hosted by various important drummers, such as Eric Ineke. I decided I wanted to make this passion a job, so after my graduation from high school, I started looking for a music school, and submitted an application to BIMM.

Why did you choose BIMM Dublin?

I attended an Open Day and noticed the professionalism and productiveness of the students, as well as the advice and many opportunities they received from the college in order to enter the music industry. I chose the Dublin location because the city has a very rich music scene: you can go out any day of the week and find yourself at a concert. The lessons are very dynamic and interactive, based on the debate and exchange of ideas, and I love having the opportunity to play with very high-level musicians during BIMM’s Masterclasses.

What helped you settle in to life here at BIMM?

The friendliness and helpfulness of the tutors helped me to settle in initially but also the support and patience of BIMM’s receptionists, especially during those first few days – they were always ready to reassure me and answer any of my questions. I was also able to meet other Italian students, which helped… and I happened to know some former students who now work at BIMM too.

What has been your favourite part of BIMM Life so far?

I have many favorite parts: the first is the connection between all courses in the same year: for example, the Songwriting students, for one of their exams, must form a band to perform their song. The same thing happens with other courses. Secondly, the school encourages you to develop your own creativity and musical individuality, providing ideas and advice, but ultimately it’s up to you. I also think the Masterclasses are an excellent opportunity to learn from professional musicians active in the music industry, and you have the possibility of playing with them too.

Any advice you would give to future students?

To have the right attitude and to be prepared to commit to what you’re doing, because as soon as you enter BIMM, you’re part of the music industry, so you have to think of yourself as a music professional. If a student wants to make music their job, BIMM is the right place to go to make this happen.

Can you remember much about your first day?

I remember being very nervous as I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for the BIMM environment. Thanks to the teachers and receptionists, as well as my friends, I now think of BIMM as a second home, where I can play, have fun and study what I like, as well as meet new musicians and exchange ideas and opinions.

What was your favourite part of our induction week and why?

The gig at the Workman’s Club, because I could feel how prepared the students from other years were and see for myself the opportunities Dublin is able to give to musicians. My hometown is much smaller than Dublin and the possibility of playing in pubs is disappearing, so it was great to see all these different places where you can play… especially if you play the drums!

How do you find the support offered here at BIMM Dublin?

The support offered is very broad and comes from a range of sources, including tutors, receptionists, and Student Support. It’s available for every issue, or problem you may have, whether it’s mental health related, or maybe you’re just looking for a rehearsal room in the evening to practice in. The communication at BIMM is good too – every day we receive emails about Masterclasses, events, and available tutorials.

If you’re interested in finding out more about BIMM Dublin, why not book a place at an upcoming Open Day? We’d love to show you around! 


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