#LifeAtBIMM: From LA to Dublin with Nina Farag

2nd May 2018

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What attracted you to studying at BIMM in Dublin?

I went to college for a few years in California, but never studied music. I knew I wanted to return to college for music, and after visiting Ireland in 2016, I was inspired to move and study again. I was drawn to the rich history and musical culture. I looked at different courses but BIMM was the right fit!

How does the music scene compare to LA? Do you have a preference?

It’s hard to compare. There are a little more than 1 million people in Dublin, LA County has over 10 million people. There’s more music in LA but it’s very competitive. LA can be distracting and overwhelming. I feel like Ireland’s music scene is booming for such a small country and I liked the idea of honing my craft in a more focused environment. I prefer Dublin now, LA isn’t going anywhere.

Was it easy to get settled in Dublin?

I feel I have been very fortunate since I got here. I didn’t have a very hard time finding a place to live (and I have heard horror stories). I did move a few times, but have settled nicely in the city center now.

I have met so many amazing people in the last two years, but it has been really difficult and lonely at times. It takes a while to ground yourself in a new city. A year is definitely not long enough to feel at home. Now that I’m in my second year, I finally feel like I am finding my people.

I am also older that most students at BIMM. For the first year, I was a bit closed off. I felt like I didn’t fit in because of the age difference. This year, I have opened myself to meeting people, and I feel like I am more connected and not so out of place.

Best place to get food, and be honest, is it better than in LA?

If I’m being honest… LA wins in the food department. Way more variety and good Mexican food. There are several cafés that I love in Dublin though. Bibi’s and The Fumbally are two of my favorites.

What’s the best thing about studying here in Dublin?

The ability to see new places in Ireland and other nearby countries. Having Europe at my fingertips has been pretty amazing.

How have you developed as a vocalist studying here at BIMM?

Absolutely. I am constantly learning more about my voice and myself as an artist. I am discovering new techniques and tricks that I didn’t know I could access. It’s impossible not to grow when surrounded by so many other talented and driven musicians, peers and tutors alike.

Any advice you would give to someone making the move to study here in Dublin?

Be open, willing to push your comfort zone, and stick it out when it’s tough.


Sarah-Louise Burns

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