Liam Jordan releases debut single

29th March 2018

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BIMM Brighton graduate Liam Jordan recently released his debut single ‘Tap On My Window’. The Cornwall-based singer-songwriter returned to the West country after completing a Songwriting Diploma in 2010 and he also just announced details of his debut album, which is planned for release in May. We decided it was time for a long overdue catch-up with the young songsmith.  

Hi Liam, for those who’ve never heard your music, how would you describe it?

I guess I would categorise my music as Americana/Nu-folk. I’m big on lyric writing and obsess over the smallest detail. My biggest lyrical influences are Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen. I love their various approaches to storytelling and the characters and landscapes in their songs. They’re like films in my head, and that’s the approach I like to take too. My music has been compared to Ryan Adams and Van Morrison a lot. Broken down, my songs are just folk ballads on acoustic guitar. It’s really since taking them into the studio that the songs have evolved and I feel like I’ve developed my sound. The album sounds like I have a travelling blues band behind me, as I have gospel singers, piano and organ, and lots of guitar layers. 


Congratulations on your debut single release “Tap At My Window”. What was the inspiration behind the track? 

Well, when I went to the studio to record the album, I hadn’t actually written the song yet. I was gigging a lot at the time (around six/seven nights a week), and recording in the daytime during the summer, so I didn’t really allow myself much time for anything else. After about six weeks of barely seeing sunlight, my girlfriend suggested I take an afternoon away from the studio, so we went for a walk around one of my favourite coastal walks in Cornwall. I was pretty burned out at the time, and I think the fresh air and exposure to light got to me and the creative floodgates opened. There was a lot of nature around, and the sea always calms me down when I’m stressed. The song didn’t take very long to write after we returned home. 

Tell us about your upcoming album release. 

The album was recorded at Cube Recording Studios in Cornwall. It’s a beautiful studio out in the countryside with a cabin-like feel to it, and a big live room. The recording process was extremely fun (most of the time), but very tiresome at the same time due to the fact I was gigging most evenings. The album launch will take place at The Acorn Theatre in my hometown of Penzance on the 11th of May. As for the online release, the album will be available for streaming on Spotify; it will also be available for digital download on; Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation and Music Glue. You can also order physical copies via my website. 

Any plans to tour the material live this year? 

Yes, I’m currently booking a solo/duo UK tour this winter. The first dates I have are; The Lounge in Warrington on the 3rd November, and Luna Lounge in London on the 9th November. I’m also looking to get some funding so I can take the band to Europe next year.

What was the most valuable lesson you took from your time studying at BIMM? 

I think a bit of an epiphany I had while I was there is that nothing is really gained without hard work. A lot of those old rock stars weren’t just wreck-heads with lots of talent. Sure some had issues, but they were smart people who knew what they were doing. My advice to any young musicians/students starting out is firstly, to be nice. Try and maintain a good, positive, and professional attitude toward yourself and everyone you meet. Set yourself a big goal, but also set yourself some smaller, more attainable goals. It can be frustrating trying to get from where you are, to say, headlining Glastonbury next year. So, don’t beat yourself up trying to get there. Try to enjoy the ride and have fun. 







Photo credit: Luke Brown


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