2nd January 2018

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BIMM Dublin’s resident Hard Rock quintet Jet Fuel Chemistry have just released their impressive debut single, “Phantom”. 

The troupe will be competing in this year’s ‘Metal To The Masses’ battle of the bands in Dublin, where a host of alternative Irish bands will compete for a coveted slot to perform at the infamous Bloodstock Festival 2018 – and judging by this single, we’d say J.F.C will almost certainly be giving the competition a run for their money.

The band, consisting of frontman Dan Cusack, rhythm guitarist Lorcan Macken, drummer Martin Killeen, bassist Danny Bochkov and lead guitarist David “Dog” O’Grady have been extremely busy since their inception and will soon be releasing their debut E.P.

Guitarist Lorcan explains all that’s been happening in J.F.C’s world lately.

“We got a great response to the song at Live & Lyrical, and then it was set in stone that we’d release “Phantom” as a single before the EP, which comes out in a couple of months. I’m glad we did, reception so far has been through the roof. Tony Ainscough from Radio Nova’s Friday Night Rock Show is playing Phantom on the 12th of January and to us that’s huge. I never thought I’d hear my band on Nova. There seems to be more opportunities coming up every day, including some things we can’t really talk about yet that are mad exciting. We are just loving every minute of being in this band. It is indescribably whopper having mates and fans who turn up to every gig and lose their mind, and always message us on Facebook to ask when the next show is. I hope we get to keep growing from where we are, and I hope everybody follows that journey with us wherever it might lead.”

This band are obviously gathering momentum. You can see what all the fuss is about at their next live show. Check out tour dates via their official facebook page.



James Watts

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