Jamming at Lamplight

24th November 2016

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On the 3rd November 12 singer-songwriters took to the stage at Noize Fabrik to perform at BIMM Berlin’s first Lamplight Session of the year.

The performers at the intimate event consisted of students from around the world who’ve all gravitated to the vibrant city of Berlin, and have a shared passion for music. Here’s a glimpse into the evening by Guitar student, Max Garbers, with photographs by Max Garbers and Music Production student, Davide Ruffini.

lamplight-berlin-2 lamplight-berlin-3

Even though people, myself included, were nervous about playing in front of an audience, we all overcame our fears when it mattered most. At times during the gig, the artists on stage and the audience were perfectly connected; everyone was part of the music and the art.

Various genres could be heard throughout the evening, including folk, rock, ambient, pop, rap, acoustic and electric, all performed by 12 very different artists, made up of a mix of songwriters, guitarists, vocalists and Music Business students.

I had a lot of fun, watching and hearing my fellow students. They played honestly; with their hearts as well as their minds.



Without a doubt, the Lamplight Session was intimate and very inspiring. A lot of people heard their fellow students performing and making music for the very first time, and I believe that a lot of new friendships, new bands, and new relationships will come out of it… not to mention new music!

In the end, a gig will always be what you make it. For some, it was a standard gig night in a nice venue, where they played in front of an audience. But for me (and I think I’m not the only one), a lot of beautiful things happened. The night was full of joy, intimacy and appreciation – you could see this on a lot of people’s faces and feel it in the air.

Thanks to everyone who performed on stage, everyone who helped to make it happen and everyone who was there watching in the audience.

Photography: Music Production student Davide Ruffini and Max Garbers


Max Garbers

Max is a Guitar Student at BIMM Berlin