Introducing the TuneTalk Podcast

26th March 2019


Introduce yourself…

My name is Leah Murphy and I am in my final year of my Songwriting degree at BIMM Manchester.

Why did you choose this angle for your Pro-Project?

I originally wanted to look into being a Broadcast Assistant and working my way up into a Content Producer role on radio, as it combined my two best skills; creativity and organisation. It was then suggested to me by one of my lecturers that I could do my own podcast to show off the skills I already had in production, etc. I then began talking to professionals like Natalie Eve Williams (BBC Introducing Manchester), Joe Barnwell (Salford City Radio/Contact Radio) and more and started to look into all the varied ways they conduct their podcasts/shows.

Joe Barnwell invited me in to co-host on Saturday mornings with him on SCR for work experience and hands on learning. I am doing three months there, which is unfortunately coming to an end soon! This helped build my confidence in skills like driving the desk, interviews, etc, and influenced a lot of the decisions in my podcast. Now I am two episodes into my four episode podcast series and I have been offered my own show on Contact Radio (contactfm.co.uk) following on from the podcast and its goal of supporting local music.

Were there any influences for the podcast?

I knew from the start I wanted to focus on songwriting for the podcast because that is my course and something that is not always talked about. I then wanted to help my peers at BIMM and other local musicians by getting their music exposed. This then created TuneTalk and its content choices, music features and marketing strategy (#supportlocalmusic).

Do you have a favourite episode?

I love each episode in the series. I’ve spent hours working on every fade in, interview question and jingle and I now know every word to every song off by heart by all four of the wonderful acts that came on the show!

Do you think this is something you will continue?

I definitely want to continue to support all local musicians and local charities too. I have my new show coming soon to Contactfm and hopefully I can build up a brand and reach out to local promoters, festivals, stations, etc, and get a name for myself and my show! I also want to work on building up my own music too, which has taken a back seat recently because this project has been such a massive part of my life.

What has been your favourite moment?

My Favourite and most scary moment was finally releasing the episodes, because I had been working on the project since October and didn’t release anything until March 15th. So, once the episodes were out in the public domain, they weren’t mine anymore, which was a vulnerable moment.

Any challenges you faced, and how did you get over them?

I think each corner of this project was a challenge; from getting experience and working on a radio show to marketing my work and communicating with my guests. You have to be professional and friendly at all times, even if your having a bad day. You have an audience to please and guests to make happy so they’ll tell others about their great experience and support you moving forward.

Anything else exciting you want to talk about?

I would love to get more music for my show, so if you’re an artist, band, songwriter, or if you create your own music and want it to reach more people, send them to me with a brief bio of yourself as an artist. Send MP3s only please (no explicit language) to [email protected] and I can add them to my list for the upcoming shows!

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Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.