Introducing the BIMM London Student Association

10th November 2020


Each BIMM Institute college has a BIMM Student Association (BSA) run entirely by students for students. At the end of the academic year, there is an election where you can put yourself forward and campaign for one of the positions.

As well as running student experience opportunities like societies, here at the BIMM London Student Association, we have put forward our own goals and projects to promote new student releases, introduce networking events and run a weekly newsletter.

Our weekly newsletter comes out every Wednesday at 3 pm to all student emails at BIMM Institute London. Our highlight each week is an interview with students or industry professionals. We have recently interviewed graduates on their releases, lecturers, and Claire O’Neill, who is the founder of ‘A Greener Festival’. We also include society updates, events and fun industry news on what to watch, listen to and read to keep students updated in one space. If you are not from the BIMM London Campus you can still subscribe to the newsletter here!

We also have amazing students running some great societies, such as The African Caribbean society, Football society, Skate society, Overseas, Mental Health Society, and more. Current students can join a society by heading over to Moodle and clicking on the ‘BIMM Student Association’ page, All society information will be there.

But how do I create a new society for BIMM London Student Association?

Email [email protected] and pitch us your idea; don’t let the current time discourage you! The next steps are the boring bits, as you need to fill out two important forms. The first one is ‘The BSA Application form’, where you need to fill in the information on your society’s aims, such as when you will meet, what type events you are planning, etc. You will also need at least two to three people running the society, preferably from different year groups.

The second document is on funding the society for potential events, meetups, programmes and so forth. When everything is finalised and signed, you are ready to run your society! We recommend creating a social media account on Instagram and a closed Facebook group for your members to keep updated on everything your society is up to.

The BSA will be there to support you in every step, providing advice and answering your questions along the way. If you are from the London Campus and want to join a society, create one or have any questions, email us [email protected]

Now let’s meet the BSA London Team

Alison Ioannou The BSA President
Fern Wallis Social Media and Marketing Officer
Angelo Arrindell Diversity and Representation Officer.


“My name is Alison Ioannou and I am the BSA President. When running for BSA my motto was “all ears for your ideas”. My goal with the BSA is to make it as inclusive as possible and welcome all students to come to us with their ideas. Therefore, if you have any suggestions that you would like to bring to the table or ask us a question, you are more than welcome to!

We are definitely living in unusual times, where our usual social norms have changed. However, we do not want this to discourage you! We are open to all ideas and will help make any idea possible whether in person or online. By working together let us make this year another great year.”


“My name is Fern Wallis, 3rd year of Events Management and the ‘Social Media and Marketing Officer’. Last year I was the Marketing Manager for BIMM-backed Live Flame Events.

I have organised gigs including Freshers, music releases and various Live streams. These projects made me realise that my heart lies in social media and marketing. I wish to expand our student networks by supporting student societies, new releases and student projects. To reach these objectives, I will be running the BSA socials, the weekly newsletter, sharing your releases, and more.

The weekly Newsletter I run comes out every Wednesday and our highlight each week is an interview on students or industry professionals. We also discuss society updates, events and fun industry news, It is a really helpful and fun read on your fellow industry personal. Online events will also be accounted for due to some students studying fully online like me. We are here to support YOU!”


“My name is Angelo, and I am the BSA Diversity and Representation Officer. My role is ensuring that all our differences and values are appreciated, represented, and recognised within our BIMM Community.

My goal is to support BIMM in its continuation to improve and promote a more diverse, healthier, creative, and vibrant atmosphere for everyone. We all have something valuable to add, so let us work together to get the most out of our experience!”

Stay up to date with the BIMM London Student Association (BSA) by following @bsalondon on Instagram or by joining our Facebook group. And, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter too!


Fern Wallis

Fern is an Event Management Student at BIMM Institute London, and Social and Marketing Officer for the BIMM London Student Association.