Introducing – BIMM Connect

12th September 2018


Ever yearned for an exclusive social media platform that connects you with fellow musicians and music industry creatives? Well, yearn no more! Enter, BIMM’s brand new social network, BIMM Connect. This exclusive new online platform has been designed from the ground up to provide BIMM students with an exclusive array of useful tools and features to help them connect with the entire inter-campus BIMM community.

At the point of its recent official launch, BIMM Connect already had 2,500 registered users from across the entire BIMM network, and this number continues to grow. The diverse network consists of current BIMM students, Alumni and Faculty members, meaning you have direct access to a thriving network of talented and inspiring individuals with whom to collaborate, converse and connect with. Want to know how it works? Here’s a quick rundown of BIMM Connect’s user benefits.

Setting up your account

It couldn’t be simpler to create your account. Just head to the BIMM Connect website to get started. If you already use popular social media platforms such as Facebook or Linked-In, you can easily import your key information from these for a super-quick set up. If not, you can enter this information manually. Check out the video above for a step-by-step guide to completing this process. Once an administrator has verified your profile, you’ll be good to go.

Create your profile

It’s easy to create and populate your BIMM Connect profile with useful features such your basic info, biography, profile images, education, groups, web links, social media feeds and embedded media players such as Youtube, Soundcloud or Spotify. Once your profile is populated, you’re ready to start forging those valuable connections.

The Homepage

As you’d expect, the homepage is your main navigational hub for the rest of the BIMM Connect site. You can see comments from your connections via the Socials feed, locate other users using the Interactive map, look for work opportunities with the Jobs page and navigate with ease to whichever page you’re interested in.

Get networking

Link up with fellow students and message alumni across all BIMM campuses. Find songwriting collaborators, band members, promoters, managers, producers, videographers, press agents, social media influencers, mentors and more. You’ll even receive recommendations based on our vetted Profile Match feature.

Pages and features

Want to know what’s going on where you are? The Events page feature will host key info on Masterclasses, End of Term Gigs and Live & Lyrical performances plus music business conferences and networking events. Additionally, as a BIMM Connect member, you can share your own event pages and ticket links with the entire community; helping you to promote your events more effectively and reach a wider audience.

Looking for useful info outside of BIMM life? Check out the Resources page for a range of helpful links and tools to help you take care of your professional development and long-term career management.

BIMM Connect also has an ever growing range of Groups pages to help you forge contacts within your local scene and beyond. Are you an aspiring music journalist? Join our ‘BIMM Life’ group and start contributing to our published music magazine. Looking to get paid function gigs? Subscribe to the Commercial Performance Programme page to connect with new band members and apply to agency showcases.

The Jobs Board is updated every day by our Careers and Industry Teams across all campuses, and includes work based learning opportunities, internships, teaching vacancies, one-off events and festival work, plus job openings at various music industry businesses. You can even message the Careers and Industry team at your campus directly if you have any further questions regarding an opportunity.


Having issues navigating the BIMM Connect site? Need help adjusting your settings? Click the support tab for a useful list of contacts and administrators who can help you with whatever technical issues you might be having with the site.

Last, but not least

That’s it! Well, almost. Many of BIMM Connects’ key features exist because you, the user, have expressed a need for them. So, please let us know if you have any more suggestions on how the service could be improved. As the platform is a relatively new resource, we will of course be taking steps to make improvements ongoing. Any adjustments to the platform will be communicated to users in advance, and we even have plans for a mobile app so you can access the BIMM community on the go. Watch this space for updates!

Want to find out more? Check out our introductory video, here

Sign up now, at bimmconnect.co.uk

The BIMM Connect service is available for HE (Degree Level) students only. Once signed-up, your account will be verified by the BIMM Connect administration team before full activation. 


James Watts

Social Media Assistant, Professional Bassist and Music Journalist. Career highlights include performing at some of the UK's premier music festivals, recording in Abbey Road and interviewing Debbie Harry.