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How to Stay Creative Over Summer Break

31st July 2020

When you’re studying a creative course, it can be difficult to break free from briefs and assessments and be freely creative. Make use of the free time you have over summer to be creative again for yourself and explore new techniques.

Musical creativity while studying music

When you’re studying something you love, the joy can often be taken out of it by deadlines and strict briefs. Take some time over summer to get back into making music out of joy, rather than anything else. You can also try new techniques in writing and performance. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t sound good, you’re just having fun!

It’s also a good idea to take this time to work on any personal projects you’ve been putting off while studying; you’ve definitely got enough time over summer to create a really great EP. Additionally, if you’re missing routine and deadlines, this is a great way to give yourself a bit of structure whilst still being musically creative.

Other forms of creativity

If you feel like you’ve exhausted your musical creativity, here are some other ways to get creative:

• Painting and drawing
• Creative writing
• Embroidery and knitting
• Cooking and baking
• Journaling

There are many different forms of creativity, so just have a go at creating something different and see how it goes. Get stuck in, use your hands and don’t think too hard about it – just let the creativity flow.

How to stimulate creativity

If you’re feeling a bit drained of creativity, there are many ways to stimulate it again. Different things work for different people/at different times, so try out a few of these options and explore some of your own too:

• Take some time to sit with your thoughts – mindfulness and meditation help to clear your mind and allow for creative thoughts to flow through
• Write down new thoughts and ideas and come back to them when you’re feeling more creative
• Have a change of scenery
• Exercising – even just going on a walk can help
• Try to be creative – sometimes the best way to stimulate creativity is to just get stuck in and see if anything comes out of it!

Don’t worry if it’s not good

The great thing about being creative is trying new things! You don’t have to show anyone what you’ve made; just enjoy the process. If you create something that you’re truly proud of, show it off, but most of the time, what you create probably won’t be great and that’s absolutely fine and normal for creative people.

Take the pressure off and you might make something new that leads to other great creations.

Keeping your creativity at the forefront can be really difficult when you’re used to focusing on deadlines, briefs and results. Take a moment to remind yourself why you chose to study a creative subject and remember why you love it.

Also, don’t be afraid to take a break! It’s really important to let your mind rest – music and creativity will still be there when you’re ready to get back to it.


Zoe Newton

Zoe is a Alt-country singer-songwriter from Bristol. She completed BA(Hons) Songwriting at BIMM Bristol in 2019, and has been working as a Student Mentor.