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How to Make Friends in Hamburg by Bleona Ramadani

1st April 2021

We caught up with Bleona Ramadani, Scholarship winner at BIMM Institute Hamburg, to ask for her top tips on how to make friends in Hamburg.

1) Connect with fellow students at BIMM Institute

Hamburg is not only a magical city for the music scene but also a place filled with different people, who welcome you with open arms. Don‘t hesitate to connect with your colleagues at BIMM Institute Hamburg – everyone‘s openness and curiosity will make it easy for you to connect with them on a deeper level as well.

Don‘t forget, we are all here for the same reason: to fulfil our musical career. From just studying together or meeting up for a drink, be open and talk about your passions, let your ambition speak for you and your surroundings will do the same.

2) Be yourself

Everyone is probably tired of “just be yourself”, but that is reality. What exactly do I mean? Transparency – all colleagues share the same enthusiasm for music like you do. You will automatically create a fundamental bond just talking about what makes you happy!

Seeing like-minded people will inspire and help you drive forward. Just talking about me and my connection to music made me feel validated, fulfilled, and curious for wider perspectives from my colleagues.

Places like Schanzenviertel, Altona and Winterhude are filled with bars, restaurants, and many other great places to meet different kinds of people. Stay adventurous and open-minded; everything will come your way!

3) Get some work experience

This is one from the BIMM team. If you feel like it doesn’t interfere with your studies and you would like to gain work experience, apply for an internship or a job as a “Werkstudent” (working student) within the music industry. Not only will you learn valuable skills and increase your chances of getting a job after your studies, but you’ll also meet new people and make new connections within the music business. This way, you can create your own network of industry contacts and make friends in the city.

Don’t forget, you can always contact our Student Support Team if you need a chat. They’re available at [email protected] or on +49 (0) 30 3119 9186 and will be more than happy to support you with whatever it is you need.


Matt Leppier

Matt Leppier works as a Senior Marketing Officer for BIMM University's central marketing team. Alongside this, runs Off Licence Magazine as a Managing Editor, and hosts a radio shows on Balamii. He loves travel, collecting records, DJing and following the NBA.