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Henry Rollins – Why I love vinyl

11th September 2017


Whilst conducting research for her latest book “Why Vinyl Matters”, Music Journalism course leader Jennifer Otter Bickerdike interviewed some of the music industry’s most prominent figures to discuss the history and resurgence of the much-loved format.

For those of you who’ve yet to read the book, here’s a brief snippet of her interview with ex-Black Flag frontman and all-round amazing human being, Henry Rollins.

What was your first vinyl purchase?

“I honestly don’t remember. I would listen to my mother’s records. If I really liked one, she would give it to me and get another. Isaac Hayes Hot Buttered Soul was one of my favorites. Her copy of the first Doors album was a big one. I would guess that my first purchases with money from my minimum wage jobs were big rock bands like Zeppelin, Aerosmith. When I started buying Punk Rock singles, that was when it all took off for me. The Damned, The Adverts, Buzzcocks, UK Subs, The Ruts, bands like that made me value the medium. Before then, a record was just a thing I put on my very bad record player. This is also when I started taking much better care of my records and when I started to understand how much music was a part of my life. I always knew it but when I got it, I really got it. When Ian MacKaye and I became best friends when we were about 12, music was our connective tissue.”


“Why Vinyl Matters” is out now via ACC Publishing.

You can order your copy here.


James Watts

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