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Help Musicians UK – 1 in 4

13th February 2017

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Being creative is special in so many ways. You may see opportunity and imagination in things that other people do not. It can be a gift but having a creative and infinite imagination can also be a burden – 1 in 4 musicians will suffer mental health issues at some point in their lives.  As musicians we may not consider the toll that hectic schedules, creativity, late nights, and networking can take until we run into problems.  Below you will find advice and tips about how to remain aware of the issues and where to find support if needed.

Help Musicians UK is a website that aims to help you handle the stresses and strains of a musician’s lifestyle.  Help Musicians UK and BAPAM have teamed up and created a fact sheet, we have included some of their top tips below:

  • Try not to lose sight of what your core values are
  • You are here because you have the talent and the skill set it takes – value that talent
  • Practice – keep those skills finely tuned
  • Set achievable long and short term goals
  • Learn to welcome and accept the uncertainties
  • If you feel tension or anxiety beginning to build, take a step back and relax
  • Focus upon the good in situations
  • Notice the difference between situations you have control of and those you don’t

Click here for the full BAPAM sheet on caring for yourself psychologically.

As a musician myself, I know the stresses all too well. The point of this week is to give you all a helping hand and encourage you to build a healthy foundation in what you do.

Find more useful advice on the Help Musicians UK website:



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