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Hamburg’s Indie Bands To Watch Out For

7th February 2018


Hamburg has a strong music history – that’s no secret. Bands are all the rage in the city that’s produced the likes of Fettes Brot, James Last, Nena and Freddy Quinn. But it’s not all about those who’ve already made it – the city offers a wide variety of up-and-coming musicians too. Here are five Hamburg-based indie bands who we think are the next big things, and believe you should all be treating your ears to.

Miu: This Hamburger women started her music career on an old grand piano in a club in Manhattan called The Bitter End, where soul legends like Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye had played. Back home in Hamburg, she started writing her own songs and founded a band. In 2015 she published her debut album ‘Watercoloured Borderlines’ and in 2017 her second album ‘Leaf’ followed, with the media in and around Hamburg praising her music. She also graced the stage at the Elbphilharmonie.

Trümmer: With a mixture of rock, soul, funk and blues, Trümmer tells a story about a revolution of euphoria. Their eponymous debut album ‘Trümmer’ was released in 2014, while their second album, ‘Interzone’, was published in 2016.

Tonbandgerät: The sisters Sophia and Isa Poppensieker and Ole Specht founded a band when they were still at school and, together with Jakob Sudau as the drummer, they are Tonbandgerät. Sophia writes the songs, focusing her lyrics on everyday life situations, while Ole is the lead vocalist. So far they’ve published two albums (‘Heute ist Für Immer’ and ‘Wenn das Feuerwerk Landet’) and won a number of music awards such as ‘HANS – Der Hamburger Musikpreis’ as Hamburg’s best newcomer band in 2013. One year later they toured the US and played in schools to students learning German as their second language.

KAPELLEHERRENWEIDE: These five eclectic men from St. Pauli make up a truly memorable band. Their music is a mixture of folk, humppa – a type of music from Finland – punk and ska, and it’s impossible not to dance to.

Ilgen-Nur: This band take their name from their singer and guitar player, Ilgen Borali, The four-piece played at Reeperbahn Festival in 2017, and their indie-rock songs and videos pay homage to the ‘90s. Their latest EP is called ‘No Emotions’ and they have an upcoming spring tour, so check out their dates!

Antje Schomaker: When Antje Schomaker came to Hamburg, she was searching for musicians to meet and collaborate with… and she found them in St. Pauli! One of them was Johannes Oerding, a Hamburg-based singer-songwriter, and one of Germany’s most famous pop musicians. This led to her being the opening act for his almost totally sold-out tour in autumn 2017.

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Photos by Pixabay


Melina Seiler

Melina Seiler is a Hamburg based journalist and author working for several online German magazines. Melina writes for and was responsible for the reporting on Reeperbahn Festival 2017 – Germany’s most prominent inner-city music event.