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6th December 2018


Hamburg’s live music scene is epic – whether you want to catch an amazing performance or perform yourself, you’re spoiled for choice! The fact that Hamburg is a super easy city to zip around makes things really great for musicians wanting to soak up every experience. Forget the need for taxis; almost everything is within walking distance or easily reached by bike!

We’ve compiled a list of the best open mic nights on offer in Hamburg, so you’ll always know where to go to watch up-and-coming talent. And, hey, if you fancy taking to the stage yourself, you can easily seize the moment with somewhere new to perform every night of the week!

POOCA BAR – Hamburger Berg 12, St. Pauli

You can catch concerts here each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Thinking you’d rather be on the other side of the stage? Not a problem! Young artists, bands and songwriters are encouraged to perform here and show what they’re made of!

GRÜNER JÄGER – Neuer Pferdemarkt 36, St. Pauli

When BIMM Hamburg opens its doors, students will be given exclusive access to this venue as a live rehearsal stage on Monday and Tuesdays mornings – not a bad classroom, right? Concert evenings can also be arranged from Thursday to Saturday. Wednesday nights are always Poetry Slam.

KLEINRAUMDISKO (K.R.D.) – Neuer Kamp 17, St. Pauli

The Kleinraumdisko has become one of Hamburg’s most important musical bars. From Wednesday to Saturday nights you can play a DJ set here, and they sometimes hold small acoustic concerts too. Talk to the staff to see what you can organise.

GOOD OLD DAYS BAR – Max-Brauer-Allee 275, Schanzenviertel

This is a great place to get your voice heard! BIMM students can always take advantage of live acoustic sessions here on Tuesdays. It’s also worth noting that Good Old Days has the best spirits selection in the whole Schanzenviertel Quarter.

MUTTER –  Stresemannstrasse 11, St. Pauli

The MUTTER is the pub for musicians in Hamburg. Almost everyone from the music industry – label bosses, musicians, artists, agents and more – meets here, so you’ll no doubt soon be calling it your local too. As well as giving you the opportunity to perform, this cosy bar makes it easy to network and connect.

THE GÄNGEVIERTEL – Caffamacherreihe 37-39, City

The arty and alternative Jupi Bar is located in Hamburg’s downtown city centre historical quarter. If you’re a new artist or band, you can take the plunge and perform here live, after arranging a date in advance.

STELLWERK – Hannoversche Strasse 85

If hip-hop, funk or jazz is your thing, you’ll love this cool volunteer-run live music club. It offers a great programme of events and you can always play a session here throughout the week.

BIRDLAND – Gärtnerstrasse 122

Though this place is a legendary jazz club, indie and hip-hop acts are also welcome. Head to a jam session, held every Thursday, free of charge. Oh, and here’s an inside tip for BIMM students: get down there on the first and third Wednesday of each month for the ‘Birdland Vocal Session’ – there’s an open stage for singers.

HAFENBAHNHOF – Große Elbstrasse 276

While this cosy club offers beautiful views of Hamburg’s iconic docks, local musicians find its greatest appeal is its availability for small live concerts. You can line one up at any time (except Saturdays). Just have a chat with the staff in advance.

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Benny Ruess

Benny Ruess has been pivotal to the Hamburg music scene for over 25 years… and to our great excitement, is now a ‘Local Ambassador’ for BIMM Hamburg! Not only does this mean that we get to use his incredible local knowledge, but our students will all benefit from his connection to the local industry as he liaises with top-class industry guests and highly successful tutors.