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17th July 2022


With Hamburg’s established music scene and the Elbe river, there’s so much to love about the city. In fact, it is often referred to as the “Tor Zur Welt” (meaning “Gateway to the world”). And even though  budgets can sometimes be tight, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this breathtaking city.

Here are our eight tips for enjoying Hamburg without splashing all your cash.

1) Walk or cycle through the Alter Elbtunnel

Just leave the city behind and cycle or take a walk 400 metres below the river Elbe through the old tunnel, which is over 100 years old.

2) Explore the harbour for not much money at all

You can do a harbour trip for not much money at all with the cheapest tube ticket (HVV). You can also drive through the harbour for as long as you want.

3) Enjoy the best view of the city

The view from the Elbphilharmonie is free and you’ll have one of the best views of the whole city.

4) Experience incredible concerts

During the week, the Pony Bar (Allende Platz 1) has concerts. You can also find concerts on the BIMM Institute campus or at the Knust Acoustic Sessions in front of the Knust Club.

The bar Freundlich + Kompetent offers regular open stage evenings, that students use a lot to practice performing to a crowd. Our own night for Songwriting performances ‘Stripped Down Sounds’ kicked off as a regular event from March 2022.

As an insider tip, head to Hamburg’s main churches to hear international classical and modern musicians rehearsing in these beautiful spaces. You can find them rehearsing every Wednesday at 17.15pm at St. Petri and early in the evenings in St. Michaelis church.

5) Attend a free festival

Hamburg has two festivals that are completely free: the very popular Wutzrock Festival (where you can hear punk, hip hop, rock and folk artists) and the Umsonst & Draußen Festival series in summer.

6) Unwind in Planten un Blomen

The park in the middle of the city has become more than just a place to relax and unwind. From May to September, we also recommend the Wasserspiele in Planten un Blomen Park. This is where great music performances are paired with water and light artistic designs. It is always a fantastic spectacle and one not to miss.

7) Head to Stadtpark

Heading to the big Stadtpark – Saarlandstraße 1 ( Tube station Borgweg) – is always worthwhile. In the planetarium, there are performances for just 2-4 Euros. You can also climb up to the planetarium for free and experience an incredible view.

You can also hear the Open Air Stadtpark-Konzerte. You might not be able to see them, but the sound is just as good as being in an arena. So, take your picnic blanket, some snacks and drinks and enjoy the live music from fantastic international stars.

8) Roam the museum for free

Head to the zoological museum to see more than 90,000 specimens of different animals. As well as seeing insects and birds from around the world, you can also see Antje the walrus (formerly resident in Hagenbeck’s Zoo and mascot of the northern German television broadcaster, NDR). Plus, the whole thing (Martin-Luther King Platz 3) is free.

For more information about studying at BIMM Institute Hamburg, sign up for an Open Day or contact our Admissions Team on +49 40 874 09 632 or [email protected]. To apply now, visit the BIMM Institute Hamburg website.


Matt Leppier

Matt Leppier works as a Senior Marketing Officer for BIMM University's central marketing team. Alongside this, runs Off Licence Magazine as a Managing Editor, and hosts a radio shows on Balamii. He loves travel, collecting records, DJing and following the NBA.