HAKE at The Alt Show

1st June 2017

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Introduce yourself…

I’m Harvey Dent and I’m the lead singer for HAKE.

How did this opportunity arise?

We got this opportunity from a member of staff at our college, BIMM. She had been keeping an eye on us and decided to give us this show as a bit of a tester I reckon.

How did you and your band meet?

Me and three of the band, Ben, Luke, and Zak, all went to school together back in Kent. We used to trade Soft Machine records and play Mortal Kombat together. We decided to form a band when we were still in college under a different name and decided to move in together in Brighton shortly after. It was in Brighton that we met our fifth bandmate, Ollie. We came up with a new name and wrote loads of new songs and got to gigging.

How has BIMM helped your band thus far?

I think BIMM lectures have helped us to grow in terms of the songs we write, first and full most. We all just grew in terms of our playing ability and how we thought about songs. There’s a bunch of staff at BIMM that seem to think we could have some potential creatively and have tried to help us out as best as possible. We’ve always been quite good at getting our own gigs locally but BIMM have given us some cool opportunities to really expand our audience with shows.

Your favourite place/way to write music?

Our favourite place to write music is in our basement and we tend to write songs when we’re all together. We’ve got a pretty big basement so we turned it into a practice room. We write most of our songs together because we generate the most ideas that way.

What can people expect from your Alt Esc set?

We’re on at 12:15 in the afternoon so we had better be energetic. We’ve got loads of new songs so it’ll be a showcase for that. We also haven’t played the Hub before so we’ll be dead excited!


Lucy Evers

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