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23rd January 2018


Whenever we open a new BIMM college, we make sure it’s in a city where music matters most… and BIMM Hamburg is no exception! Hamburg is chock full of incredible musicians on every corner – especially in St. Pauli where BIMM Hamburg will be launching this year. So to tell us all about how amazing the city is, we’ve enlisted the help of local Hamburg resident and leader singer of neo-soul band Rhonda, Milo Milone.

Milo formed Rhonda in 2014 along with guitarist Ben Schadow, bassist Jan Fabricius, organist Offer Stock and drummer Gunnar Riedel. The group released their debut album ‘Raw Love’ and were immediately thrust onto a wild ride of touring and recording for the next three years, culminating in the release of their latest album ‘Wire’.

So, over to Milo…

Can you share one of Hamburg’s hidden gems with us?

Of course I can! In the middle of the crowded and touristy Reeperbahn in St. Pauli there’s a little bar called Komet. In the basement there’s this super tiny concert room (yes, it’s a room) where you can see bands playing shows. I really love going there. The best thing is that there are no tourists!

If you’re more of a nature type of person, you should check out Planten un Blomen – a huge park in the middle of Hamburg. Hamburgers hang out there all summer. Or you could take a boat trip to Finkenwerder and just walk around to check out the beautiful scenery we have on show.

You have one weekend only in Hamburg – what do you do?

Probably a bit of everything I’ve just mentioned. I’m always a pretty busy person but I think I also really need to feel good. I would try to do the right combination of things by both spending time in nature and then partying a little at night. I would definitely check to see if there’s a good show in town, because in Hamburg you have the chance to see a different show every night.

Tell us about your favourite place to listen to music in Hamburg.

For concerts it’s definitely this little club called Molotow on the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. Here you have the chance to see cool bands from all over the world… and it’s not too expensive either. Also, this venue has many different areas, so you could be there to see a band and end up dancing all night long to the best afrobeat or soul party ever.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Hamburg?

One of my favourite places is called Kombüse, on the harbour side of Hamburg, in a quiet and not-so-crowded street. They make the best burritos you can get in Hamburg! Also there’s XEOM, which is a fancy Vietnamese restaurant where all the hip people go. It’s always crowded and the food’s just so fresh and good. At Pizzabande you can get incredibly good pizza – meat, vegetarian or vegan. A cool mixture of people go there and they have really nice staff too. I love going there!

What do you think makes Hamburg so different?

I think Hamburg is a huge city but it has a centre where people meet up. It’s a green city which is really beautiful in summer and you can feel its Hanseatic vibe… in a good way. It’s possible to just walk around the city for hours.

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Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.