Get To Know BIMM Institute Berlin’s Student-Led Association

17th October 2019


This year, four of our BIMM Berlin students have come together to create a student-led association. Together they will create a community network and organise events and activities for the students. The group consists of Jarmila Ziska, a songwriting student from Berlin, Nicole Deckers a Music Business student from Bogotá, Colombia, Neil Green a Music Business student from Stoke on Trent, UK and Eline Duijsens a Music Business student from Amsterdam.

This week, we caught up with Nicole to find out about BIMM Berlin Student Association’s exciting plans and how the group will benefit the students of BIMM Institute Berlin.

Please tell our readers what BIMM Student Association is?

This is a student-led initiative to create and encourage community events, activities and peer support within the student body at BIMM Institute. We want to be a voice and representation of the student body and make life at BIMM a bit more fun than it already is. 

What are you most excited about with regards to BIMM Student Association?

We are all really excited to meet new people, network and make the student community better. Personally, I feel like ‘networking’ can be such a dry word sometimes and adding that college fun can make it a nicer experience within BIMM Institute. 


When I started BIMM back in 2017, I noticed there was a gap for something like like Association. I wanted to create more group activities for personal interests like hobbies, sports and cultural exchanges. So, I started putting all my ideas together to create this student association in my last year at BIMM Institute. I approached some of the lecturers and the faculty members to start discussing the possibility and also talked with other team members. Everything fell into place and Association launched this year. 

How did you all meet?

I met Mila in our Freshers’ Week in 2017 and Eline in the first week of class as we study the same course . I met Neil last year organising the “nhow x BIMM” showcases project with other Y2 students.

It’s funny because we all knew each other for different reasons and circumstances. For example, Mila and Neil knew each other from working together in another project last year. I knew the three of them were interested in this project so I asked them as soon as I started organising and they agreed to be part of the team. 

What do you love about studying at BIMM Institute?

I personally love the resources we have to create new things and the amazing, supportive community. Having such a close network in BIMM Institute motivates everyone to work together. This is how and why the Association actually came to be. We also love the lecturers. They are incredibly valuable to the BIMM Institute experience. 

What can we expect from the Association in the future?

Our plans for the year include many different kinds of events and activities. We also want to create a peer-support network and help each other out, not only with our projects but also with struggles that we all relate to. This peer-support network can also include tips for new students living in Berlin. Follow our Instagram account @unison.berlin to stay updated with these things and other news of the Association! 

To find out more about studying music at BIMM Berlin, order a prospectus, book to attend one of our Open Days, or contact our Admissions Team on +49 30 311 99 186 or by email at [email protected].


Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.